Monday, 17 November 2014

It Never Works When ...

... both people are tired to the bone.  Rob was beyond tired today as he had a call up to be in Barrie last night at midnight, never arriving back home until 3 am.

Me?  I am worn out, but probably not quite as tired as he.

Unfortunately it never works when each other are so tired to discuss or plan or accomplish anything the next day.  I sometimes am smart enough to "close my mouth" and TRY (heavy on the try) not to say anything the whole day through.  For me this is not an easy task, but for the most part sometimes I think I do pretty good considering I am tired myself.

Today Rob still had to get up and go to work.

I had a meeting this morning at 11 am, not arriving back home until 1 pm.  Then this afternoon I walked to a neighbours who was wanting to donate a Christmas Tree to the Chamber Offices.  It turns out it would fill the whole downtown street almost it is soooo huge, but beautiful ... on to Plan B I suppose.

This afternoon I had the most two unpleasant phone calls with the Yellow Pages Group, who we advertise the Crabby Cabbie with.  I spoke with 2 different Customer Service Reps, and at near the end of the conversation with the 2nd one I totally lost my cool and swore at him !!!  *blush* .. honest to God they had my blood boiling.  The audacity when you are trying to explain what happened in a conversation when you renewed your contact to have them tell you how wrong you are and that what you were telling them never happened.  You damn tooting it hadn't happened as it was something I had never said ... finally the 2nd guy admitted it, but still said I was wrong.

Here we go with another  Class Action Proof  that Yellow Pages has the monopoly in its area, whereas Bell used to have the same until Rogers, Shaw and a few others came into play (thank goodness).   I finally spoke to the rep who renewed us back in the Summer time, 4th call about this matter..  She apologized, admitted we never had the conversation that the other two insisted I had, also saying she will note how these two treated me.  Really Yellow Pages you need to practice Customer Service Skills at all levels.

Really do these people not think we have nothing better to do with our time then be on the phone with them, especially when I was on hold waiting to get through to them in the first place for 20 minutes.

I spoke to another friend/business associate about this happening to me today.  They had Yellow Pages tell them to get back with their advertising plan on a specific date, and when doing so had gone ahead with what had previously been done saying they didn't get back to them in time !!!  Geesh they are arrogant !!!  Yellow Pages that is.

I sure hope someday someone will give them a run for their money and take the wind out from their sails !  Rob seriously does not want to renew with them next year, and believe me they are not cheap to advertise with.  There rant done, with hopefully my blood cooling down soon.

The day flew by with realizing Dinner time was upon us.  Rob requested Pork & Beans with leftover Cottage Roll, how easy was that !

I am not terribly happy with the Weather forecast tomorrow, thinking I would love to hibernate the whole of the upcoming Winter.  Check out how nasty it is to get here tomorrow by going HERE.  10 to 15 cm is not my idea of a nice day !!!!

Mistakes, grammar .. so *sad* too *bad* I am tired, and that I understand.

I think it will be a good plan for me to try and relax the rest of the evening while watching The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I've had it while being on hold with an answering service. You just keep wondering how long your patience can hold out while every thirty seconds, the automated voice repeats the same thing over and over.

  2. I think you are getting more than 10-12 cm. places today in some areas as the wind must be really making some deep drifts. We are just having a normal Dufferin County Day so the school busses ran and we are getting some blowing snow. My sister however in Listowel says the roads and schools are closed and the same for Anita - no busses. Seems a little early to have that much snow. However, I am just glad that I got home from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair okay Sunday night. Alice Jones


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