Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back Back Back It Goes ...

Time is going back tonight, and more precisely at 2 am when the Bars close for the night (can't have an extra hour of consumption you know).  We must also not forget that the Hydro Rates go to Winter Pricing beginning November 1st as follows:

 I think I would prefer the Weekend/Holiday rates every day ALL YEAR, wouldn't you?  *Sigh* that will never happen in our lifetime I am afraid.

Today I actually managed to do a bit more then "pick up the chunks" by changing the bedding, however I did not get any laundry done, dust the living room, vacuum most of the dining/living rooms, and get all the Crabby Cabbie billing done today.  YAY ME !  and the other day I actually cleaned the bathtub and bathroom sink ( Aunt Gerry the rest of the bathroom remains to be cleaned STILL & AGAIN).

I took the time to call a friend this morning.  I actually hung up from that phone call feeling very good, as this particular friend understood how I have been feeling about having a house that is upside down and inside out most of the time.  To have order in my household most of my whole lifetime, now finding myself in a mental tail spin of stress every time I walk back in to my home, is not a healthy state for my mind to be in.

My Auntie Gladys told me the other day to just do what I am doing for Rob and I and not to worry over the other stuff.  Yes I know this but it is difficult to undo a mind set of many years.

Ha ! the day I had the migraine, Tuesday it was, a Bell Tech came over to check our Modem.  I was embarrassed at the disarray of the house with him coming in.  He told me my house was great, and really what was I too expect with suffering with a migraine, and that a home he had just left he wouldn't even go into to change anything or touch anything in the house as it was that disgusting.  Wow, not at the disgusting, but how he put me at ease.

You know people say they come to see "you", however there is those people that say that, but really do judge you by how things "LOOK" or "WHAT YOU HAVE".  Shame on them ... unless it is disgusting, and not just lived in, I hope I never judge someone by those standards EVER.

There I suppose I am over my rant, however obviously still not over having my house upside down ... YIKES !  someday over a rainbow maybe I will find a pot of Gold and be able to afford a housekeeper once a week to help ME.

Someday ....

A Judy Garland Classic is it not ... love it still as many do.

My excitement for the day was ...

My breakfast of low fat yogurt with 2 tbsp of ground flax seeds, & 1 tbsp of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) (Rob's breakfast too), a lunch of salad with my friend's homemade Raspberry Maple Vinaigrette & then drooling over the Bread of the Week in the Foodland Flyer.  

*Sad* very SAD indeed.  I long for the days back again where I made a new to me recipe every week, as well as a new dessert recipe as well from time to time.  Maybe someday again but until then it was Chicken Tenders breaded and Chef's Salad for our Dinner tonight.

And my excitement for tonight was ...

A little bit of Portia training.  Funny I am telling her to sit & stay, and Bandit just naturally falls in with the commands.  Good Boy Bandit !

My Crabby Cabbie Rob has headed down South to work this evening.  Last night was a very busy night with him not getting home until 4:30 am.  Needless to say I let him sleep as long as he could this morning.

I have four Aussies that are all very quiet and settled in for the night, thinking I will follow suit, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. So not get two more hours a day of off rate electricity!
    Jane x

  2. It is hard to keep a sense of calm and order when your home is in disarray. There seems to a number of us who are undergoing challenges now. I hope things settle down for you soon.


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