Monday, 3 November 2014

A Ditz !

This time change is absolutely nasty !  thank goodness us Canadians have weather and Daylight Savings to complain about, or there might be a gap in many conversations, yes?

Today was NOT productive within the walls of my home.  I am tired, exhausted and beyond fatigued, but what we did manage to get done was a Roast of Moose in the Crock Pot for a descent Dinner for us this evening !!!

A few errands was most of my day, other then depositing one of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles off to the Car Doctor.  Just after Dinner we had to go retrieve her after she had a new coil installed.  That most certainly took car of her cutting out and barely making it up the North Hill of Wiarton.

In my travels I actually got a pic of an upcoming Church Supper that I had attended for the first time almost a Year ago.  It was the absolute very BEST Church Supper I have ever remember having in my Life !  Kudos to the St. John's United Church in Wiarton !!!

Details for this Year's Turkey Supper below, and a peak at what it was all about last Year can be seen by *clicking* HERE.

I would LOVE to share the photos I took this evening of our Moose Roast Dinner we had cooked in the Crock Pot, however I was somehow sidetracked (AGAIN), and misplaced the SD Card from my Camera.  I am such a ditz , not that being tired might have anything to do with it.

One other "event" that has been ongoing all day long around here began when I took Portia out this morning.  It had reminded me of watching the Exorcist and the projectile vomiting, but in Portia's case it was from the other end.  I have given her some canned pure pumpkin, hoping it will have its binder effect much sooner then later.

As far as what she might have gotten into to cause this slight messy occurrence? who knows she is a puppy, and puppy's eat almost anything !  EWWWWW ... right?  If nothing else there has been lots of wiping of bums with baby wipes and hand washing going on here today.

Benefits of canned Pure Pumpkin for your pooch? read about it HERE.

I did manage to capture some beauty today and get it uploaded to my laptop before I misplaced one of my five SD Memory cards.

The skies pull you in do they not?

That pretty much summed up, one of many, my ditzy day, Just North of Wiarton & South the Checkerboard.


  1. Pretty skies. So dull here today, waiting for the rain I guess. I hate the time change because farm animals don't get it, and keep you off balance just like small kids with the time change.The cats think supper time is at 2pm now and the cows think the utters are full all the time. BUt you said it best its just another think to complain about.


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