Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Day Of Rest ?

A headache awoke me at 5 am taking me out to the kitchen to retrieve T-2's and water.  Back to bed to Lexus deciding it was time for her to go out (she still hasn't gotten onto the time change).

Rob got up by 6 to take Lexus and Buddy out, then Portia and Bandit.  Me?  I finally got up right after to have stomach problems ... my 4th attack since I had my Gall Bladder removed.  By 7 am I was so consumed with gas that  my lungs were under extreme pressure causing pain in my shoulders, and abdomen with my breathing laboured to the point I started to panic.  The pain had been unbearable.

Rob rushed me into the Wiarton Hospital (as I laid there today I was thinking how grateful we are to have a hospital so close).  We got into emergency with the Nurse attending to us right away.  Dr. Barrett had been on duty and was there within 15 minutes or so.  Finally after throwing up I managed to stay still long enough for the Nurse to get my vitals.  They were stable with oxygen getting to me just fine, even though the pressure on my lungs from gas was telling me otherwise.

Dr. Barrett ordered an IV with a shot of morphine also for me.  It took almost an hour or more for the pain to get down to being bearable.

The new Doctor came on for Tuesday'ss shift, Dr. Ken Uffen.  I had never met him before, and he had been absolutely thorough and fabulous.  I really liked him.  When I had told him Dr. Diodati was my GP, and I loved him, he said I would have to love him too, since he had recruited him to Wiarton ... what a character.

X-rays and an ultra-sound had been ordered with nothing showing up.  Dr. Caulfield was at the Wiarton Hospital today doing procedures so Dr Uffen had consulted him, since he had been the one who had taken out my Gall Bladder.  Dr. Caulfield recommended a MRCP be ordered.

What is an MRCP?  *click* HERE to find out, as otherwise I had not known before today either.

I finally was released at 2:30 pm with instructions to call for an MRCP appt. tomorrow, and to followup with Dr. Diodati.  Hopefully the next set of tests reveal what has been going on with these severe attacks I have been getting from time to time since having my Gall Bladder removed.

Today had clearly been a day of unscheduled rest for the later part of it whether I wanted it or not.

I am tired, still with a headache, so that is a good indication to sign off for now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That rates as a difficult day for you. I hope you'll feel better soon.

  2. Oh Cindy I do hope they figure it out for you. Rest and take care of yourself. HUG B

  3. I've had that one too. They get a good look at your "works".
    Headaches abound in my house too. Trish and I can always tell when a weather change is in the wings.


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