Saturday, 13 September 2014

Older Ladies

Holy Moly that was some rain we had last night, was it not?  and most of the day until mid-afternoon.

To make matters worse Rob tells me today that the temperature is to drop this evening to 3*C.  Needless to say the Wood Stove was "fired" up this morning to ward off the dampness, and has stayed on all day long.

Unfortunately I have been have side effects of the new medication.  Along with not sleeping now I have nausea and wooziness.  There is always something !

Today I barely did much other then take Portia in and out all day long.  I have to admit I did move out the one remaining old recliner to sweep and dust under and around it, as well as the few dishes leftover from last night's dinner.

I wasn't the only one in the household with my feet up not doing too much of anything.  Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled !!!  I an the one who barks the order (no pun intended) while Rob sucks everyone up for all the attention as these photos depict.

My Apple iphone 5s has been giving me grief for the past while.  Today I could not hear anyone who called me unless I put them on speaker phone or had my bluetooth on.  I put in a call to Apple Support,  I had tried a "hard boot" which had not corrected the said problem, so they told me they were sending me out a brand new phone under my 2 year purchased warranty.  I should receive it in 3 to 5 business days.  I have to say I was very pleased with their prompt courteous service.  Thank you Apple, I hope it remains as so always, and this new phone gives me no further grief for the price they cost.

Speaking of money, how is everyone doing with the 52 Week Money Challenge?  I will have an update after paying for the new recliner chairs we ordered which should be arriving sometime this upcoming week.  I think after paying for the chairs from what I have saved this far, along with the seal pot and piggy bank money that I should still have approx. $712.00 by the time the 52nd week roles around.  Not to shabby I am thinking.

Not only was I dozy, I felt to lazy even to make us some Diner.  The Dinner solution was downtown's Kgum Bo Restaurant where we each ordered the Dinner Special along with an order of Moo Goo Pan.  It was very good  as any other rare occasion we have eaten there.

Rob got a call when we were almost done our dinner, so he left me downtown to go for for walk ending up being just over 1 km by the time he picked me back up to go home.  It was a beautiful evening to be walking even though it had been a short distance.

Back home again just after 7:30 pm.  The skies were gorgeous this evening.  
Red skies at night a sailor's delight.

I did get a belly laugh today that I just have to share ....are you part of the Older Ladies group? as I am pretty certain I have made it there.

Hahaha ... I LOVED it.  Spunk, Fun and ALL of it !

On that note I will close still chuckling, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hope the new medication haze soon wears off.

  2. I see Rob's fine with having the gang pile up on him.

  3. You must have had more rain than us. It rained a little over night and a bit of Saturday but then improved. I would like to warm my place up a bit though - furnace man coming tomorrow - I hope it's an easy fix.


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