Monday, 8 September 2014

Gone Forever Gone

Darn, darn, triple darn, so much for a good nights sleep two in a row, and trust me I was feeling a little on the crusty side this morning.

Besides the lack of sleep today was still pretty much eventful.

Doug and Vicki headed on home about 9 am or so, but not without me having a coffee with them first.

When Rob arrived home I had the online banking done, and he headed on out to cut the back and front forty once the grass had dryed up a bit.  I got busy vacuuming our couch and advertising it on a couple of the Facebook swaps.

By 4:15 the first interested party was at our door purchasing and picking up our "old" couch.  It is now gone forever gone, however in the meantime some enjoy the comfort of their old spots while I have to suffer through with a "hard as a rock" occasional chair I had brought out from the spare bedroom until my new seat is collected and home.

I also took the time out to call Rob's first Cousin, Joyce, who is very involved as Treasurer (and more I am certain) at the Hepworth Legion to reserve 5 tickets for the following:

Can't beat a Fish Fry Dinner can you, especially in support of a local Legion, or any Legion for that matter.

My Niece, Joanne, has also left Ontario with her oldest daughter and youngest granddaughter to go visit her youngest daughter and oldest granddaughter out in BC for a week.  Before they left she sent me a photo of my sweet youngest Great Great Niece, Ayria.

Oh I would love to kiss those cheeks.  Isn't she a Doll Baby ?  I think so.

Rob and I had a quickie Dinner of Eggs and Toast.  Nothing special but it sure hit the spot.

Oh yes I also received an Email today from Teva Shoes as I had won a pair of their sandals in the contest I had posted about entering on Saturday !!!  YEAH ME !  I am so very happy.

My entry was submitted as @NorthofWiarton that can be viewed HERE.  Looking forward to receiving my new Teva Sandals.

On that note I must sign off for now as my neck can't possibly bear anymore of this uncomfortable position and really less pain is always the better pain in my books, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Rob and the dog look far too comfortable, of course.

  2. Congrats on the new Teva's - now I want a pair :)

  3. I would of kept the couch as Rob and pooch have a comfy chair where are you going to rest your weary bones after all that running around you do lol ?! Congrats on the Teva's all though I have never heard of them before and I worked in foot wear for 6 years lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I had a great pair of Teva's years ago. They are so much more attractive now, I should look into another pair.


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