Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wrung Out

I was in bed and asleep by 9 pm last night.  I was wrung out, and still am today.  I awoke with a headache that would not quit, a body that felt like it had been filled with lead, and a head that was in a "fog".  Not the greatest way to start or go through a day ... but I was not going to miss out on a day by spending it my bed.

My walking partner neighbour is back to work most days, my other one injured her foot, and then the light bulb went on as I remember seeing my girlfriend, Lynn, had posted on her Facebook page she was on holidays this week.  Big mistake Lynnie as I tracked ya down by text, and we set a time to walk at 11:00 am this morning.  I was one happy camper.  We not only walked almost 5 km in an hour, and burned 339 Calories, we had a great visit with some long overdue "catch up" between us.

I love my friend, Lynn.  She is not only a hard worker & a honest person, she is also a straight shooter right from the hip.  Much nicer having a friend who is black and white, then trying to figure out the grey areas with someone is it not?  Hopefully we will get in a couple more walks together this Summer.

The walk revived me for a bit, however by the time 1:30 pm had rolled around I had been down for the count again.  Regardless I got a walk and talk in with my friend !

While I headed out for the walk, Rob pondered over getting the deck at the side of the house finished as it had been a very very cool day today, perfect for finishing up a project.

By early this afternoon Rob had the deck all finished.  He was very proud of it, and he should be.  We still have to get a couple of balusters and a small railing for the couple of steps, but that will be another day.  By the time we also get the Weather Protector, as in Thompson's Water Protector, the whole project will have cost us around the $500.00 mark, give or take a bit, to completely finish.

Hopefully by this Fall we will have the new Kitchen and Bedroom Windows also installed, leaving our bedroom yet to be painted along with the new carpet, we already purchased, installed.  Time is a precious commodity to us these past couple of years.  Then we will have the Winter to think about what we will do with our 52 Week Money Challenge Money.

I have been dealing with a very negative person the past few months within the Community.  I have done my very best to deal with the situation by being positive with a *smile* on my face, however there is always a straw that breaks the camel's back is there not?  I can not tolerate narrow minded negative people who think they are the all and almighty in their own opinions.  I am tired of being publicly shunned, especially when I have no idea of why I am being shunned.  The only thing that does give me a bit of comfort is the knowledge that this person also treats other people poorly and with disrespect.

I am of the opinion this particular person, and persons like this person, are very unhappy people.  Maybe they should keep to themselves instead of picking on other people and spreading their unhappiness like a "cancer".  I suppose I should feel sorry for people like this, however it gets a little hard to take after someone  is out and out rude in their body language and tone towards another time after time.

All I can say is "Thank God I have wonderful friends in my Life", and for some unseen reason I am certain these negative people pass through our lives for some life lesson or another, and hopefully the "lights come on" soon so I can realize the "why" about this particular person.

I have been very *sad* I do not have a routine anymore, and truly have been coping as best I can, despite how much it still bothers me most days then not.

Every day passing by my flower beds I feel bad when I see they are getting overgrown with the weeds drowning out my lovely perennials, never mind the unfinished housework chores that get put to the wayside sometimes days at a time.

Hopefully I will get over this "slump" I have been in for months, and get myself  some kind or any kind of consistent routine, rather then what has been going on.  I feel I am a somewhat flexible person, however I do not want to be as flexible as I have been the past Year ....

Bandit would like to thank everyone who gave him a daily vote in the Gone To The Dogs Event contest.  He did not win the Grand Prize, however he did win a very nice photo frame, and a new piggy stuffy.  High Paws to All !!!

I have been pleased that I have lost a half and inch here and an inch there, however I am also trying to eat better, or less maybe is a better word, as I very seldom eat junk food and never drink pop.  I love food, but unfortunately with a much slower metabolism the past couple of years the "bulge" is always a constant battle, as many middle age woman realize (OMG to actually type I am a middle aged woman is quite unnerving to realize that day has arrived for me).

My girlfriend, Vicki, who is my biggest supporter, and hopefully I am hers when it comes to all lose weight questions, as well as being my go to iphone guru, found me a free app for my iphone so I can calculate how many Weight Watchers Points I consume in one day.  I also found a website online that is also free, which can be found HERE.  
Today I did a Moose Roast in the Crock Pot, along with onions and carrot.  I did Brown Rice on the side.  Dinner was fantastic and I kept my portions within my point limit.

It is difficult not to eat what I used to be able to, and keep weight off, however this is my new reality as a "middle aged woman" I suppose.

Time to take the Aussies out for the evening, maybe have a cup of decaf coffee, a hot shower, and then call it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. i'm with you. I truly love to eat. I love the taste, the texture and the whole idea of sitting with people and enjoying a meal. Does not help this
    'also middle aged " woman either. when something tastes so darn good, its difficult to limit yourself. Possible yes, but not easy. I have to learn that food is to sustain us, not to satisfy us. Deck looks great Rob. good job.

  2. Well, good for Bandit!

    Some people are toxic. That's all they know how to be. And if other people know it already, you're not alone in that opinion. All you can do is determine for yourself how much you can deal with.

    Think of it this way: them just being themselves is a life sentence.

  3. Oh, what a day you have had. I always find going for a walk is the best tonic. keep on keeping on.

  4. Aww Cindy, I'm really sorry to hear you are having to deal with a difficult person. I had an individual with a really negative, antagonistic attitude in my circle. Totally put me off participating with that group. It gets me how some people will tolerate toxic behavior because, oh, "she doesn't mean it" and "she's just like that" or "just ignore her".
    That virus I had really ramped up my FM the past week or so. As much as I want to get out there and walk, it just isn't happening....well that and the %$#@bugs........gads!


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