Saturday, 26 July 2014

Under The Weather

Yesterday I had been a bit under the weather feeling "off" with nausea and whatnot.  Today was very similar, actually waking up with pains in my front right hand side, chest and right hand side of my back below my kidney area.  The Gall Stones must be moving around and very unhappy the past while to cause such a disturbance within my body.

Feeling still the same, however with less nausea, thank goodness.

This morning I had given my word we would be somewhere at 9 am, and at 9 am Rob and I had been there to check out ....

This "red liver" tri Aussie girl, who is 5 weeks old, born June 17th, 2014.  Rob obviously had my camera.  I included the middle photo as for some reason the camera lens must have "screwed up" making me appear very thin, so I could not pass up the opportunity of taking advantage of the shot ... hahaha !  

Well it appears I am going to be busier then busy in a short couple of weeks.  Rob choose Portia as a name for this little girl.  Does she look to be a Portia to you?  Bandit will be helping me house train her I am sure, and Lexus will help me wear her out by running circles around her, and hopefully down the road late next Year, her and Buddy will give us some lovely puppies (we are still hoping for just one more litter from Lexus and Bandit, fingers and toes crossed).

Thanks goodness I have made arrangements to have help with Portia when I go in on September 2nd to have my Gall Bladder removed, which is a huge relief.

We got back home and I went back to bed.  Do you not just hate when you are feeling that uncomfortable you can not sleep? or even rest for that matter?  I finally got up, called my friend, Pari, and we went for a walk late this afternoon.

Rob hopefully is on his way home.  It is 7:32 and we still haven't had any Dinner.  He is going to BBQ a Turkey Burger for me and some hot dogs for him when he does arrive.

I just got in from throwing ball off the front stoop for Bandit and Lexus.  They are very quiet as they are both pooped out.  It is also almost time for me to take Buddy out for his usual walk around the premises before bedtime in an hour's time.

Hopefully the Gall Stones settle, and I get caught up on my rest this evening to be good to go tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. She is ADORABLE! Those blue eyes! Wow!
    You're having your gall bladder out? I had mine out, too. Years ago. You'll feel so much better when it's gone. Good luck! ox


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