Sunday, 20 July 2014

Coconut Oil Benefits

Today was a weary day for me, but even more wearier for my Rob as he got home in the wee hours of the morning, and had to head back out for a whole day, just arriving back home a half hour ago.

Yesterday my friend and I had each purchased some Total Energy pills.  I hope they do not take long to start working, as I was actually ready for an afternoon nap today as I was so tired.  I know most of the fatigue is caused by the Fibromyalgia, but dang it all I would love to have more then one or two energy days a week.  The Coconut Oil?  I purchased that when I was down visiting the kids and made a trip into Costco.  I am putting a teaspoon a day in each of the dog's food dishes every morning.  I see it as a daily healthy prevention, to ensure good health, skin and coats, and it is all natural !

Benefits of Coconut Oil to your Dog may be found by "clicking" HERE.   Skin Treatment for your dog may be found by "clicking" HERE.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Humans?  just *click* HERE, as there are many.

It was pretty grey and overcast most of the day, however after lunch the Sun did manage to show her face.  

My front flower beds, which have been lovely each Year, have not gotten any of my attention yet.  Today I tackled of it, and hopefully will find more time soon to get at more so I can put up some photos of a lovely maintained flower bed.  My Clematis has been making a lovely show this past week.

Late this afternoon I had been downtown Wiarton when I received a phone call from my Sister, Jeanne, that they were down at the bay watching the Sailboats, would I come down to join them.  We decided to go to Blue Fish Red Fish for dinner.

Ha ! Jeanne expected me to take a photo and was ready for me, however Cecil was quite unaware.  The Haddock & Fries? they were very good.  One piece with fries only $8.99.  Jeanne & Cecil had the two piece for $12.99 and split it, both having as much as I had on my plate.  Very yummy.

I arrived home after Rob had after 8 pm.  I had stopped to get him a Sub Sandwich for his dinner.  He is now long gone to bed where I will shortly be joining him, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. My friend Vivian grabbed me a tub of coconut oil yesterday as they were passing through Ottawa. I was worried we were going to run out! That would have been a catastrophe!

  2. Yes Coconut oil is wonderful I to use it for lots of things , I also love the coconut milk for my hair and skin . Thanks for sharing ,It is 4 am and I am here reading logs as the pain of the dampness here in the valley is making ache and I cant sleep due to the pain in my arms and legs , Thanks for sharing hope your Fybro settles down for you ! Have a good day !

  3. I bought a fresh tub of coconut oil yesterday - I use it mainly for cooking my buckwheat pancakes.

  4. I first used coconut oil when I heard that it helped with dementia.

  5. Hope you find your energy Cindy. Hug B

  6. That's probably the only way I'd want to have fish for a meal.


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