Thursday, 12 June 2014

Some Days ...

Some days .... Life is just "poopy" for some of us now and again.  I suppose it is how we handle what is thrown at us is what makes the difference.  There are most days I like to think I am a pretty positive person, but there are many days were I just can't get myself out of a "funk".

Anyone who follows my blog posts knows that mere 4 weeks away I had a Colonoscopy performed.  Not even a week later I had a call from a "Specialist's Office" telling me I had been referred to Dr. Kaal as I had a polyp in a very "tricky spot" close to my colon wall, which the General Surgeon did not want to attempt to remove himself.

What happens next?  well here I am 4 weeks later scheduled for another Colonscopy with Dr. Kaal for tomorrow afternoon sometime in the Owen Sound Hospital after 1 pm.  Dr. Kaal assured me if he thinks he cannot remove it safely, he will not and I will be referred back to have it removed by Surgery.

I have to be quite honest I am feeling a bit anxious, which I suppose is very normal, should any of us be able to describe "normal" other then a Cycle on a Washer or Dryer.

I had put a Beef Stew into the Crock Pot earlier today, however forgotten to put in the Potatoes until later ... where am I going with this?  Well Dinner was not ready by the time Rob had arrived home, so he took me out for a lovely meal at the Green Door Cafe (truly it felts like my Last Supper, which since beginning the prep it really is).

One of Rob's customers had gifted us $50.00 to go have Dinner out on him this past week for a job Rob went over and beyond his duty to complete.  Nice to know when we are appreciated at times, is it not?

Rob had Deep-fried Mushroom and a Toasted Clubhouse with a side of Caesar Salad, and I had the White Fish Dinner with a side of veggies and a Caesar Salad.  Dinner was excellent thanks to Rob's appreciative Customer.

When we were leaving the restaurant we ran into my friend, Lynn, who was out on a stroll with her friend, then another friend came along.  It is really nice to stop on the street with friends to have a chat and few laughs.   It was Good for my Soul.

I am thinking I will probably not be getting too much sleep this evening.  By the time I arrive home late tomorrow I can well imagine I will be "pooped" out in more ways then one, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. good luck for tomorrow, I am sure it will all work out fine..........

  2. You will be me...even though I don't have a generator
    Jane x

  3. Cindy~ I wish I lived closer so I could go with back phone calls from the Dr. are never any fun. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, good luck and I'll check back to see how things went~ Lynn

  4. Oh Cindy it is going to be OK hugs and more hugs. Buttons

  5. Hi Cindy...Thinking of you and wishing you good luck. I, too, had to return for a second procedure, no fun. Things turned out good for me and they will for you..Bess

  6. Hi Cindy, hope they were able to take care of that thing for you today. I am heading to see my specialist about mine next week.


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