Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One Down !

I can not say how absolutely "thrilled" I am at the service we had from Jeff Klages who did our Eavestroughs today.  

We called Jeff yesterday, and he was able to come today.  He showed up exactly 5 minutes prior to when he said he would, and was done the job by 11:00 am, also when he said he would be done.

This in "one down" off our list of things we want to get done this Year.  It looks so nice and clean.  Just think no more drip, drip, drip just outside our patio doors on our deck anymore, that in itself is a bonus to me.

I had text today from Rusty's owners, wondering if they could come visit the puppies again before they head off to their new homes next week.  Of course the more socializing we can get for the puppies, the better all around puppies we have.  I can NOT STRESS ENOUGH to any new puppy owner to socialize, socialize, socialize !!!!  

Rust got to come along with his Forever Home Owners.  There were kisses galore going on this day !!  lots of puppy love happening between the 7 week old pups and the 1 Year old Rusty.

Once our visit was over, I decided I needed to carry on and get out for a daily walk.

Lexus is such a good walker, never minding when we stop for me to take a photo.

Our neighbour, Pari, also came along for the walk.  We were walking by the McCallum's home when I had said hello to Don while going by.  He came out to speak, then invited us in to see his trains.  It was two years ago we had Aiden by for a visit with Mr. McCallum and his trains.

None other can be so impressive with all the scenery made by hand by Don McCallum himself.  Pari was in "awe" of everything.  Her husband had an extensive train set himself.

Check out when we visited 2 years ago with Aiden by going HERE.

We barely returned back home when I had to get ready to head out to a WDCC "After 5" function.  It had been held at the Wiarton Marina Ltd.  I was very impressed with learning about the history of the Marina.

Once back home after 7 pm, Rob got crates set up for me to put into the Van for tomorrow morning, as I am taking the puppies down to their very first visit to the vets.  Wish me LUCK !!! that is it a half descent quiet and somewhat clean ride.

On that note I believe I will be calling it a night here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. My cousin's married to a fellow who loves model trains like that!

  2. Evestroughs - what a lovely word - gutters or spouting down here.


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