Saturday, 22 March 2014

Not Much Of This Or That

There has been not much of this or that going on in my day this day, other then being a bit disappointed to see more snow had fallen AGAIN throughout the night (but really nothing from what they had called for).

My day didn't really get off to the greatest start as I was having one of those, "no matter what I do or say I can not please anyone day".  You know, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't kind of days?  even though all you have been doing is trying to help.  All I am pretty sure I lost 95% of any energy I had being upset over this and the other 5% crying about it.

Thank goodness I have a couple of really great friends I can confide in, as that is exactly where it took me.

My one girlfriend and I have been friends since we were 15 years old with all our history going from there right through with the birth of our children, the breakdown of our first marriages, and so on and so forth.  We lost contact for a number of years, but now we have reconnected it has been like there has been no break whatsoever in our friendship.

I have much to be thankful in this area of my Life, as to have a few lifetime forever friends is more rewarding then having hundreds of false friends in my eyes.

Emotional upset can so totally drain us of energy, can it not?  Truly I think emotional drain can at times be much more exhausting then physical.

After pouring out my heart and soul, I was still drained, however felt so much better for another understanding and relating to what I was feeling.  It feels liberating to have someone you can confide in that has also felt similar experiences to what you have yourself.

I am grateful to have friends where we do not judge each other, but understand.  Friends who we do not have to walk on eggshells or beat around the bush about things  Friends who if we say something that might hurt the other, that we are friends enough to say, "I am sorry" or "I screwed up" ....  I always pray that I am as good of friend back to my friends, even though I find myself speaking out of turn more often then naught, or saying something that might not be just so or politically correct.  My friends, my true friends, know where my heart is, and overlook these imperfections I have.

Gotta love how the "spelling error" was pointed out & acknowledged.  Much better then me just ignoring my faults where grammar & spelling errors are concerned. *smile*

I do not have to mention any names, for I know those who know in their hearts where my heart is realize who they are.  I cannot begin to express enough how much your friendship(s) me to me.  Thank you always, and I do love you all for being my friend(s) and loving me back no matter what.

I did manage to go forward with my day.  

After the lunch hour I had met up with an acquaintance, who I had quite the chat with.  Sometimes you just "connect" with a person, and for me this was one of those times.  This chat was good for me this day, as it took my mind off dwelling on myself.  Thanks for that chat, and I do look forward to many more.

This afternoon I got to spend a bit of time with my husband before he had to head out to do what he does best as the Crabby Cabbie, who really isn't that crabby at all most of the time.  I also managed to get some dusting and vacuuming done today, which leaves doing a couple of loads of laundry to be done for tomorrow.  Is there always something to do around here?  all of that plus more !!!

It was just me and the Aussies for dinner tonight.  They all had theirs in the morning, so I only had to worry about something for myself which was easy enough by whipping up a couple of eggs scrambled with toast and a piece of cheddar cheese.

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It's good to have friends to unload on when you really need that.

  2. One of my favorite songs! Where would we be without our girlfriends! Men can come and go but girlfriends are forever! <3


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