Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No Time

Another bad night of sleep lead into a no time to get anything done at home as today I headed out by 9 am to ....

- stop at my friend's place to go over a bit of upcoming WDCC business;

- stop in at Rankin River Trading Co. to exchange a pair of long underwear to a smaller size for Rob (I had gotten him a pair as I think it is better to have something underneath his pants in the cold damp weather for his arthritis. Rob agreed);

- stop at the Thrift Store to catch up on a couple things there with a friend, who is also part of the Wiarton District Optimist Club;

- at this point I met up with Rob, and both of us stopped into the RBC bank then headed on up to the Wiarton Home Building Centre;

- Rob then went his separate way, first stopping in to get one of our kids a Gift Card for Subway, as I went to drop in again to see my friend on some other business that goes way back before Christmas !  Oh man !;

- last stop downtown Wiarton was at the Foodland store to pickup a potted flower for a most wonderful customer of ours who recently had surgery;

- stopped in to deliver the flower and have a wee visit with our customer.

FINALLY, I did eventually arrive home around the Lunch Hour.  I barely had lunch, gotten some Crabby Cabbie book work done when Rob called asking if I could go back downtown to do an errand for him.  While I was down there I managed to stop in at the Post Office to mail off a couple Birthday Cards.

I never did get back home from the second outing until 4 pm !!!!  was I ever happy I had put a Chicken in the Crock Pot this morning.  Potatoes, Creamed Corn & Chicken completed our Dinner this evening.

When I had been out this afternoon on the "Rob Errand", I did stop to take in the beauty of Colpoy's Bay ... it was a peaceful moment that I had needed.

No time today was right ....


And really, can you  believe we have another storm front moving into Ontario ???  other then hearing it from friends and it being on the news, I can feel it coming on ....

On that note I think a hot Epsom Salt bath would be in order, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Ouch, I'm hearing a number of people complaining about migraine's starting today. How far do you live from town? Such a lot of driving you do!

  2. I don't want any more snow....I'm tired.
    Jane x

  3. The bay looks beautiful!

    I've heard we're getting that storm system too.

  4. We have had rain all evening so far and it is killing me aches and pains but I prefer rain to snow ! Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight !

  5. I had a sleepless night, finally got to sleep about 5:45 just as Barry was getting up. I told him to make sure I was awake at 7:00 a.m. so I could get ready to be in town for 8:00 a.m. He kindly let me sleep til 7:45. When I looked at the clock, I had a little panic attack, and gave him the third degree. Got there by 8:15 but have been feeling tired all day. Is this what changing our time does to us? I do not like waking up in the dark in the morning. You sure accomplished a lot this morning. Heading for a hot bath so I will sleep tonight. We are off to Toronto tomorrow if the weather allows. I think it is going to be more severe down there. We'll wait and see.

  6. Tell me about it Cindy! Can't believe you're STILL dealing with all that snow. xx


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