Saturday, 1 March 2014

Let It Snow ....

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow ....

No it has not stopped Snowing, but Happy ....

I awoke again today with a Migraine still from the weather changes AGAIN.  I know all my friends have great thoughts and suggestions with how to rid myself of these daily constant headaches, however my most recent resort has been to a Chiropractor to no avail yet, and hopefully I will hear from the Headache Clinic in Toronto I have been referred to.  As I have mentioned to all my friends, I have almost tried everything, short of cutting my head off from my neck up to rid myself of these migraine, cluster and/or sinus headaches, not always necessarily in that order.

I managed to do a load of laundry, sweep the floors and make the bad today.  I also was happy to catch an unsuspecting Bandit on my camera .....

I love looking out the window to watch Bandit out on his "rounds".

It is very seldom that I nap throughout the day, but today I had to go lay down after a hot shower gave me no relief from my headache nor pains.  I actually did drift off for about half an hour until Rob called to say he was off on a run to Owen Sound, did I still want to go along.  Yes I did as we were out of fruit and yogurt, which is cheaper then buying at our local Foodland Store.

We had gone to Walmart where I got Cantaloupe, Bananas, 2 varieties of Apples & Oranges, along with Yogurt all at very good prices.

Today one of my friends had posted the following to her Facebook Page that I just happened to really like, enough to share with everyone.

"Those who are quick to remind you of your worth and strength when you feel like a complete wreck are the best companions to have while going through the sea of adversity. You should also be thankful to those who abandoned you, for they have shown you who the wonderful people are in your life." — Dodinsky 

These are great words I must remember at times when I am feeling conflict with others who think no other then their opinion counts, or I am finding turmoil in the ups and downs through hills and valleys I might go through in my life wherein I find some others not to be supportive or understanding.

This headache is not wanting to budge with bed in my very near future.  

That all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hopefully spring, when it comes, might bring some improvement for the migraines.

  2. Get some rest, dear! let's hope, spring is around the corner.

  3. I was in Toronto recently for a 10 day stretch of school( a long term course I'm working on) and sat next to another nurse from Sioux Lookout. She flies to Toronto every four months to a neurologist who does botox treatments for migraine. She suffered for 15 years with almost daily migraine and tried every pharmacological ,herbal,homeopathic, dietary and manipulative treatments with limited relief. She credits the botox ( given at points just at the scalp line at the back of the neck) as giving her her life back. The botox bacterium paralyses the muscles that are thought to constrict the small blood vessels that lead to many migraines. I am sure they will discuss it with you at the Headache clinic, but thought you should know their may be some relief for you soon!

  4. When I was younger I had migraines..I cut out chocolate and cheese. Even the smell of these would trigger an attack. I've heard that onions and citrus have the same triggers for some people.
    Jane x

  5. I am SO sorry to hear about another migraine. I used to get terrible ones and still do once or twice a year. I'm not sure why they have decreased as I haven't done anything in particular. Hope the Headache Clinic can help!!

  6. So sorry Cindy. Big warm hugs over the Atlantic to you. x


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