Sunday, 23 March 2014

Blueberry Ice Cream ????

Last night was a nasty sleep night for me.  As I always think four hours of sleep has to be better then none sleep though, so this I was thankful for.  I even spoiled myself a bit last night before heading off to bed.

I had pulled out the foot spa my friend, Pari, had gotten me for my Birthday to give it a whirl.  Warm water and Epsom Salts while watching The Vikings.  I was content.  Maybe if I would have had a whole Epsom Salt Bath I might have slept better? who knows as the foot soak had been lovely.

Today Rob was gone down the road with a friend to pickup a car we had gifted our Son back before Christmas.  They had purchased something they had liked better, and the brake lines need replaced on it, so we brought it home as I will drive it this Summer.  It is a 4 cyl. Toyota Camry and hopefully it will cut down on fuel consumption for us.  The vehicle is 20 years old, and was an estate vehicle when we had purchased it, being very well cared for all along.

I did a load of laundry and spent some time outside with our Aussie Gang.  It was cold, but the Sunshine as lovely.  I had Buddy out for his romp and I had kept thinking I had missed his Birthday, thinking it had been in February .... oh man was I ever wrong !!!

I looked back on Buddy's Birthday photos I had posted last Year to realize it had been January 26th !!!  shame on me *hanging head*.  I have even had his Birthday treat put away for him .. he will get that tomorrow morning.  Handsome dude, is he not?

I had to make a quick trip to pickup some up, and dropped around to our local Foodland store to pick myself up some Yogurt (I could eat it by the pail full I am sure).  There has been word out that the RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream is out, so I took a wander over to the ice cream bunkers.

1 Litre of RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream was $2.99.  I LOVE Blueberries, but I was strong and placed it right back in the ice cream bunker. 

Check out how the RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream came to be .... too funny.

Rick Mercer kills me and I absolutely LOVE it !!!  also proceeds of the Chapman's Blueberry Pie Ice Cream is going to a great cause.

We had one Turkey left in our freezer.  Today was the day it was going to be cooked up to be served up with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and baby carrots.  Rob was home late this afternoon, and Dinner was on the table for 5:30 pm.

It was very very good.  We didn't even miss that it had not been stuffed, nor there was no dinner rolls.  It was all good as it was.

The Turkey carcass had been striped with the bones wrapped and in the fridge for turkey stock, the dishes are all done up, and I am sitting doing this here post while having a cuppa tea.

Tomorrow?  I had double booked an appointment and had to chance that up, with another one directly after it.  Another busy day.  Hopefully Tuesday will be a bit of break as there are two events I have going again on Wednesday.  Busy, busy and busier.

On that note I think it is about time to take the Aussies out and about for their last romp of the night, then call it a day myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Poor Buddy!
    You must go back and tell us how that blueberry pie ice cream tastes!

  2. Good for you for standing up against this ice-cream. I don't think I would be able to resist...

  3. Well,'s late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Jane x

  4. We don't have Chapman's ice cream here but I wish we did! I've never had a foot spa but have always fancied it....not enough to actually buy one though. Happy belated birthday Buddy. xx


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