Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Turn Around Please

Great plans I had to get up, get organized and get cleaning.  Great plans were made to be changed up, are they not?  Seems that is the way my days always go whenever I try to "plan" them any more.

One thing I did get off the list of "things to do" in my head was go see my Mother this morning to take her up the new coat I had found for her.  I had gotten the coat at Sears after Christmas, at an amazing great price, under $100.00 including taxes.  It has been a very very long time since Mother had a new coat, so I figured she deserved one.  All I was concerned about was whether the size would fit, and would she like the colour which is a soft sage green, and the style.

I won out on all three points.  Front view & turn around please.  Mom always told me, get a coat that covers your bum to keep your backside warm.  Good Advice.  

Mom LOVED the coat !!!  this made both of us happy.  

Mom is getting quite the Bear Collection, which I keep adding to every special occasion.  She does enjoy her Bears.

While I was there a lady had came in to visit with Mom.  She had known Mom from her Day Away years.  I was amazed at this lady explaining about the Minister in her Church who "layed on hands" and healed someone in the hospital that she had been witness to.  She had told me she had been a doubting Thomas about such things, and had she not witnessed it herself she would still not believe it.  A lady who had a progressive cancer was deemed "cancer free" by the Specialist two weeks after the Minister had "layed hands" on her.  The Specialist apparently could not believe this recovery either as for the type of cancer it was unheard of.  I was very taken with this lady and her witness to such a miracle.

Personally I believe we all have Gifts, and if we took more to listening to that "little voice within" things might be different for us at times.  How many times myself have I ignored that "little voice within"?  I would hate to begin to count.

I barely got home to look after all the Aussies and have a bite to eat when Rob called to ask "could I please go run an errand for him in town".  That pretty much took up the rest of my day until he got back home.

Today was not a total fail in the housework department, as I did make the bed, do some dishes and get this end section of the house cleaned.  That has to count for something in my books.

I also had some outdoor fun with the Aussies today.  It was too cold to have Buddy put out in his run today, so I had then all out today pretty much on a one to one basis all day on and off.  Bandit and Lexus had some one on one time to themselves today.

They were having some fun when Lexus found the stick....

.... the chase was on !

I had been getting cold by the time they had ran a few circles around and around.   

Are you calling me, Mom? just wait I gotta find my stick ...

Brrr ... it was -19 this morning.  The brr factor increased this evening with the temperature having had dropped to -25*C.

Yes I can say "COLD", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So happy your Mom liked her coat. I got a coat at Sears right after Christmas also. I was amazed at the price and I love the coat I got. I tried on the one you got your Mom but that collar was way to bulky for my short neck, although I loved the colour. I ended up getting a red coat with a belt, which I wear with my white hat and white scarf. Barry likes it, which is good because the coat it replaces I have had for about 12 years and he has hated it for about 10 of those years. I also got it at Sears, in Ottawa when I went there for a Jersey Ontario meeting. Price was right and it was machine washable which is a prerequisite for any coat I buy. Even with the cold, wasn't it a beautiful sunny day with no wind today? Alice

  2. Sounds like this coat was a great find for your Mom.

  3. glad your mam was happy with her coat. The dogs look so happy to be out in the cold.

  4. I got my winter coat in a sale...it's WAY too big for me but It keeps me warm. We all need a warm coat right now, it's flipping freezing!
    Jane x

  5. I LOVE how your mom is dressed for spring!! (Minus the lovely new coat I mean). As I drove in to school this morning it was -23! Holy Hannah!

  6. The dogs look like they're having a lot of fun!


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