Friday, 10 January 2014

Trespassers !!

Last night going to bed and to sleep at 8 pm to wake up at 2 am was really not in my game plan, but dang it all I suppose I should be grateful for the 6 hours of sleep I did get ???  I will take it !  however after laying there for what was hours, I finally got my sorry butt from the warmth of our bed up at 7 am.  My day began.

With the impending rain in the forecast for tomorrow there has been lots of discussions going on about it between people, the radio, and myself and Rob.

After such a large amount of snow falling within such a short period, and rain soon to come bringing a very early January thaw, my worries lay more with flooding for many.  Both Rob & I had more concerns about when this overhang of snow would come down.  Fortunately for us it did come down 5 minutes after I had came into the house this afternoon.  Good timing was my thought. 

So many others are worried about roof collapses, however Rob stated that the trusses are constructed with snow loads in mind.  He also heard this same point on a local radio discussion today, that the snow loads are determined by the Building Codes in your own township.  Rob also heard on the radio that should your roof be up to "code" standards in accordance with your local by-laws, and if it did collapse under a snow load that it would be covered under your Home Insurance Policy (check your Policy Wordings, or with your Insurance Broker/Insurer).  

Here is an interesting Read I had came across on "how to keep your Roof from collapsing":

This was posted on a friend's Facebook Page today:


There is a popular misconception that snow becomes heavier when it starts to melt, so many people take risks to remove snow from their roofs when the weather starts to get warmer, for fear that the roof will collapse. In fact, when snow starts to melt, its volume decreases as the ice crystals and meltwater move into the spaces between the crystals, which makes the density of wet, melting snow greater than that of freshly-fallen snow. This makes it feel heavier to shovel, but its mass does not increase. In fact, it decreases when meltwater runs off the roof, so the weight of snow on a roof actually decreases when it starts to melt.

Rob and I have decided we are not going to shovel our roof, however our deck, that was a different matter.

Today we happened upon some trespassers on our property back by the drainage ditches behind the barn.

First you will see one, two, three and then a whole HERD of them .... really though I suppose Wild Turkeys are considered Flocks, and Turtles being a "Herd of Turtles", right?

Should I have to pick out two things that made me happy today, other then waking up to another Day in my Path of Life, it would have to be ....

Going downtown into Rankin River Trading Co. to find this little number for my sleeping/evening lounging comfort for 1/2 price.  They have most of their selected ladies/men's wear on for 50% off ... truly if I would have money to spend, I could have done some damage there today on a bank roll.  That made me happy, as well as the Happy Mail I received from my Great Niece, Michelle, today that had this photo of my Great Great Niece, Deja with Santa Claus enclosed.  What a little Gem she is ... xoxoxo.

There was more happiness in my day, but those were the two "highlights".

And .... if you live in Ontario and are a Blogger:

I was thinking again it is almost time to put together a Blog Post to give a SHOUT OUT for Ontario Blogger's Day that I had begun last January 17th, 2013, that you could view by going HERE.

Should you be interested in participating this Year, please contact me via email at with your Name & Link to your Ontario Blog, with the Subject Line to read:  Ontario Blogger's Day.  Should you not want your "real" name to be posted before your Blog Link, please indicate in your email, and what you would prefer to be used.  I would also appreciate anyone who would like to participate if you would SHOUT OUT about this on your own Blog, linking back to me here.  Let's give the 2nd Annual Ontario Blogger's DAY a great big Ontario SHOUT OUT, will we Ontarioooooo !!!

And ..... for our listening pleasure:

My throat? is still very scratchy, sore with swollen glands and a usual headache.  I am tired, but going to try staying awake later then 8 pm tonight, so hopefully I will not be awake at 2 am.

And .... that is all she wrote, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It's Friday again and so across the network goes $4.00 for our second week of the 52 week money challenge. Boy that week went fast. Finally got to take my mother out for lunch to celebrate her 96th birthday today (got snowed in on Tuesday and this was the first day she had "free" to attend) and the boat show in Toronto opens tonight. Happy January. Alice

    1. And it is off to a busy Year for you already ! Happy Birthday to your Mom, Alice !! x

  2. That's why in a melt down like we are getting more roofs leak as well then they would with just rain as the melting snow just sits there for the most part . My Nephew has his own roofing company and is very busy in the thawing periods for this reason . Thanks for sharing and hope the weekend mild melt down weather is kind to all our roves !

  3. Hee-Haw Now that takes me back. I remember watching that in prime time. Actually it was one of the small number of shows that our parents would let us watch. Stay safe with all that rain and snow. Around Kentucky, "Wild Turkey" has a WHOLE other meaning than a flock of birds. *lol* Take care!

  4. Saved the roof info for Chris (he likes calculating things!).
    I was going to remove some snow today...not sure I'll bother now, so thanks for the info ,it's saved me a chore!
    Jane x

  5. From the turkey's point of view, it's their property to pass through as they please!


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