Friday, 17 January 2014

Ontario Blogger's Day ~ 2nd Annual

Today is Celebration of the 2nd Annual Ontario Blogger's Day.  The talent is amazing throughout the World, however I am amazed how much so here in my very own Province of Ontario.

Blogging for me has really opened up the World, with meeting so many wonderful new friends along the way.

I decided I would reserve this day once a Year to recognize Ontario Bloggers, as myself, who are scattered about this Province I have lived my whole life in.  Before I introduce those who have joined me here this day, let me tell you a little more about where I live, even though most of you know it is "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard". 

Should anyone be a long time visitor to the Bruce Peninsula, they might know what "North of the Checkerboard" means ... you do not know?  Just *click* HERE for the best explanation going in my "Neck of the Woods".  Not to many months ago Wiarton had been renamed the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, but for many of us we will always be Wiarton. 

What has put Wiarton on the Map of Ontario to make it "shine" every February 2nd?  Let me tell you, should you not have already met the little guy responsible.

I am pleased to introduce you to Wiarton Willie, up close and "almost" in person.  Not only a Celebrity in his own right, but a real cutie too !  Wiarton Willie even has his very own Facebook Page, check it out HERE.

~ Photo Credit Mandy Sebok ~

You also will find in Wiarton's  Bluewater Park a Monument in Memory of all the Willies who made Wiarton Proud since 1956.

You can not Celebrate at the Wiarton Willie Festival without some Official Wiarton Willie Gear !  A must stop  would be to see Koreen at RAM Trophies and Sports downtown Wiarton, who would be pleased to "fit" you up.  RAM Trophies & Sports can also be found on Facebook HERE.

RAM also is the only place the Crabby Cabbie ever goes to have his logo professionally done on his Crabby Gear.

The whole town of Wiarton has been decked out in anticipation of the Wiarton Willie Festival, which will be launched the weekend beginning January 31st, 2014 (which just happens to be my dear Rob's Birthday, so this day I could never forget).

My Crabby Cabbie will also be zipping around town on the Wiarton Willie Festival Weekend, so if you need a Taxi give him a call !!!  Looking for a list of Events and Schedule for the 2014 Wiarton Willie Festival?  please do so at the Official Wiarton Willie Facebook Page HERE, or the website HERE.

Personally I am truly looking forward to the Wiarton Willie Experience myself this upcoming Year.  I have been invited this day to do the Photography for the Social Media Press Release (a further post on this fun hub bub will follow), so hence the early post this day.

Truly I love living on the Bruce Peninsula.  There is much much more being offered by living here then the Wiarton Willie Festival, even though that is a highlight in itself.  Here is another glimpse of my World that is located a hop skip and a jump from where I live ...

Lovely isn't it ? one of my Son, Paul's favourite spots to go when he comes home to visit.

For a little History on "NORTH OF THE CHECKERBOARD" , who do not already know, to find out please *click* HERE.

We all having something to bring to the "Plate of Life" and I am proud to introduce you to some Ontario Blogger's who bring a little bit of something themselves, contributed through their personal blogs..  Take a minute to *click* on each highlighted link beside their names, as you will also be taken into a very wonderful World, as I have been myself, through the eyes of some very talented and giving of themselves "Ontario Bloggers " ....

Carla  ~ My 1/2 Dozen Daily

Karen ~ Living In My Valley

Jane ~ The Maple Syrup Mob  & if you check on Jane's Side Bar you will see The REAL Mob's Blog !

Elaine ~ Woods Country Cove

Elaine ~ K & E Photography

The Furry Gnome ~ Seasons in the Valley

Eboo ~ Eboo Saves

William Kendall ~ Ottawa Daily Photo

Aimee, Bebsy, Virna & Irm ~ Craftmates 

Jane ~ When Life Hands You Lemons

Gillian ~ That British Woman

Bandit, Lexus, Missy Mercedes & Buddy ~ The "Checkerboard Aussies"

To each Ontario Blogger who has participated I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am that each of you were here to partake in such an amazing day of coming together.  Please each take the time to introduce yourselves to each other on your Blogs, hopefully even "joining as a follower"  as a gesture of your support.

I truly do enjoy what each and everyone had to contribute to this day, and I am looking forward to hosting another Ontario Blogger's Day next January 17th 2015.

Remember when stopping in to visit at anyone's blog, "take what you will from it and leave the rest", as an individual's blog post is their own personal journey, not to be judged or criticized by another.  

And by the way ....

What Neck of the Woods Are YOU From ????  

Until we meet again that is all she wrote, "Just North of Wiarton & South of The Checkerboard".


  1. I am laughing as you have given me my Sunday name on the list!! That name is for when I have been a naughty girl...LOL

  2. This is such a lovely idea. I MUST remember to participate next year! I have only seen Wiarton Willie in photos. I have never visited him. Maybe my husband and I will the next time we drive north to Wiarton!

  3. The REAL Mob?!! The OPP will be looking at that one!!
    Jane x

  4. Thanks for including me, Cindy!! :) You're the best!! xo

  5. It was a pleasure to take part, Cindy!

    I've really got to come to Wiarton and say hello to the latest Wiarton Willie...

  6. Hey Cindy
    WOW! awesome post and photos . Thanks for holding and hosting the Ontario Blogger day and for including my blogs . I love reading blogs and making friends and seeing what goes in in others neck of the woods and see and hear about places I may never get to . Hello from down here in Southwestern Ontario close to Port Burwell Ontario. Have a good weekend !

  7. Enjoyed your post as usual. Also visiting the other Ontario bloggers all the way from Eastern Oregon, USA!

    1. Thanks Kat, I always enjoy dropping in to see you at your Blog down there in Oregon : )

  8. Hi Cindy - I used to go to nearby Bass Lake camping for years but never knew about The Corran - I really missed out. I'll have to get up that way again and check it out. I love that part of Ontario too, but probably not as much as you! :)

    1. The Corran is lovely; you can hike up to there along the shoreline of Colpoy's Bay from the Water Treatment Plant down in Wiarton. Truly it is beautiful in Bruce County. I would have loved to have moved back to my Hometown of Southampton, however Wiarton is only 40 minutes away.

  9. Hello and thank you for that lovely introduction to your neck of the woods - I've only short amounts of time in Ontario (and always wished I could've spent more...I've always enjoyed my stays very much)! My neck of woods is quite small, but comfy and not far from bit city life.

    I'm visiting from William's Ottawa Daily Photo blog:)

  10. I'm from London! Drove through Wiarton when we went to a cottage nearby last summer!

  11. Darn! am behind on reading and just found out about Ontario bloggers' Day! I hail from Toronto (by way of Montreal) and was born in Ireland. Currently spending the winter in Mexico!


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