Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mattress Shopping

I awoke find the Wood stove had gone out, and our furnace not running.  It took me a bit to get the stove going again, then to realize our Propane Tank was empty.  

Truly considering our furnace had only been going the past couple months, with it being 80% full, and the cost to fill the tank, I would estimate should we heat by our high efficiency furnace all Winter long it would cost us almost $500.00 a month.  I don't think so, as that will not be happening as long as I can carry wood into the house and push it into the stove.  Geesh .. I had just heard a friend of mine paid .89 cents a litre for propane the other day, how do people afford to keep warm all Winter?  Really ????

After Rob got up this morning, and we had prepared the Crabby Cabbie payroll to go off to our Bookkeepers, we decided to go Mattress shopping since our mattress of 16 years desperately needs replacing.  The money we saved from the 2013 52 Week Challenge is being used towards the new mattress, as well as new pillows and a mattress pad.  After all this, we will still have about $431.00 leftover towards painting our bedroom, or maybe a new window for the room, this still has to be decided.  We had also paid for my new cell phone out of this yearly savings.

They have been calling for 15-20 cm, so we tried to get going to Owen Sound as early as we could, but never did manage to until at least 11 am.

Off we went with the roads in really excellent shape.  Even when we had came back home it wasn't too bad, but now !!!  the third photo below does not show it however the snow has been coming down fast and steady since around 5 pm here.   I think it is going to start working on that 20 cm accumulation.

When we got into Owen Sound we first went to check out the mattresses at the Brick.  I do not know why, but I never have had a good feeling when walking into a Brick Store.  We did check out everything they had to offer, even having a Salesperson overtake us right at the door on us entering the store.

We left the Brick, bypassed Leon's and headed directly over to Sears where we had purchased our first Mattress set over 15 years ago.  There we were very pleased with the sales lady, and made our decision:

The Kingsdown "Sonoma Euro Top Queen Size.
The mattress Rob had first tried was super duper firm, and there was no way I was going to be able to manage that with my fibro, as I need a little cushioning.  The Sales Lady pointed out this one too us explaining it was a nice compromise for both of us.  She was right, as we both tried it out and were pleased.

A couple of "perks" with purchasing from Sears, is that if we use our Sears Master Card (which we have only used once in maybe the 4 years we have had it), they will waive the delivery fee of $69.00.  Also if we purchase one of their mattress pads, they will give us a replacement mattress within a year of purchase if we are not happy with the the mattress we have bought.  The price to remove our old set is $25.00, whereas The Brick was only $20.00, however I think I like the "perks" from Sears more then the $5.00 delivery savings.

Unfortunately since we did not have our Sears Mastercard with us, we have to return to complete the transaction.  We will see how the weather is tomorrow.

Since we were right in the same Mall as Food Basics we also went in there to get milk for $3.97 /4 litre, Half & Half Creamer for $1.98 per litre (2 - 500 ml containers @ 99 cents each), Decaf Tetley Tea, Brussel Sprouts and Celery which was on sale at 99 cents a bunch.  We spent $34.00.  The cost of this locally, unfortunately would have been much more, as Milk alone is $1.00 more, as well as creamer being $1.69 more.  I try to take advantage of the stores while I am in Owen Sound for the grocery savings, if for nothing else.

Before we had left the house this morning, I had also made stuffing, stuffed a Turkey and had set it to roasting at 250*F.  When got home, it had been roasting along just lovely ... turned the heat up to 325*F, got the veggies prepared and cooking, and Dinner was served by 4:00 pm this afternoon.

The gravey was dark, the Turkey browned perfectly and the veggies fork tender.  Oh yes and the dressing and gravey were both flavourable.

When my  Auntie called earlier this evening, Rob shouted out in the background that the "Turkey was awful", as she loves Turkey as much as he does.  When Rob says something is "awful" this means it is really really good and he doesn't want to share with anyone else.  *Sigh* what can I add to that? nothing.

While I have been sitting here typing up this post, Rob has been outside cleaning out our driveway with the tractor.  I wonder how much snow we actually will have accumulate this evening, hopefully over with by tomorrow when everyone goes back to work and the children go back to School.

The dishes are done, with only some bedding I washed and hung on the horse clothes racks today needing folded and put away.  Mattress shopping is tiring, or is just me feeling "tired" as usual, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I'd love a new mattress set as well... maybe this year something. But first I need to get rid of hubbys UGLY leather recliner and buy him a new one! hahaha!!!

  2. a new mattress set is on our wish list this year as well. We have a small turkey in the freezer that I need to cook at some time......not looking forward to waking up tomorrow to see how much snow we have.

  3. We need a new mattress..thinking of getting the cats to try it first ,as they are experts!
    Jane x

  4. We just paid .85/L for propane which is the most we have paid in the nearly 10 years we have been using it. We used $800 in 2 months which is crazy! Our other house just had a propane fireplace, which heated the downstairs. We used to average $1300/year. I think we will be installing a wood stove for next winter. Maybe that's what I will spend my 52 week challenge money on!

  5. Holy Cow that is a lot of money to spend on heat!! We too need a new mattress but there are so many other must buys on the list it will have to wait. One thing about the matress you are looking at. Are you able to turn and flip it? With the pillow top on only one side may not be able to do that. Just a thought

    1. That is crazy money for heat !! No, with the pillow tops you can not flip them, however with our old pillow top we turned about every 6 months or so.

  6. Wow, we may get a big surprise when the propane man comes around again.We had our last fill Dec. 13 and it was .69. Perhaps when one uses more they get a better price. We have a propane stove, propane water heater, propane dryer (rarely used) and a wall furnace in the living room which comes on if we are away and the woodstove is not being used. It sometimes kicks in early in the morning before we get the woodstove stoked up. We think it is really quite reasonable. However, we are comparing it to the electric baseboard heaters that are our standard heat source in this house of the "70's" when they were pushing electric heat. Hope you enjoy your new mattress. We got the one for our bed at DeJong Acres at Sears, got free pillows with it, and the best deal we could find in the area. Like the mattress although we don't use it a lot. We have had steady snow since the night between Saturday and Sunday. Have not had this much for quite a few years. However, the fun begins today when the wind picks up and moves it all around. Still snowing this morning, fine but building up surprisingly quick. However, I prefer this to the freezing rain that some people got last week. Alice

    1. I do not think we will be filling the propane tank this year; and if Rob can't get to the bush we might just be spending $500.00 to get a load of wood in for next year. My friend in New Dundee told me they were expecting freezing rain down their way last night, geesh !

    2. Cindy, I feel the same way about the Brick and avoid it at all costs. I always get excellent service from Sears and must tell you that my son and wife just went into the one here and told them that the mattress they had purchased five years ago was sagging in the middle. Sears promptly told them they would replace it at no cost, you can't beat that!!
      I just bought two feather pillows there at half price and am really enjoying them, take care and Happy New Year.

    3. I know Marie; when we lost our house and all its contents in a fire 16 years ago, we made most of our purchases at Sears. The Stove & Washer lasted 12 years, but the fridge is still going strong.

  7. So I'm not the only one who gets that feeling about the Brick?


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