Friday, 24 January 2014

Hello Old Friend

After two days of migraines they finally took their toll on me, but in a good way as I slept the whole night through until 4:30 am this morning.  I needed that sleep, and having it certainly had paid off for me today.

I finally had some energy to get a few things done around here and onein particular thing I have been wanting to get started on ...

Today I reunited with my Old Friend the Treadmill .... "hello old friend".  My goal today was 3 x 10 minutes.  I only have one more 10 min. segment to do.  The first two went pretty well as I had some Jukebox tunes going on my laptop and my Mascot looking on.

I also started a New Facebook Group this morning, called Dropping Weight Sensibly.  I  have created this group for myself and others who would like to share about their inspirations, challenges, goals, methods, achievements, or anything to do with loosing weight and maintaining their ideal weight once there.  Only encouragement, NEVER criticism, is welcome within this group.  Should anyone like to join along with me in this group, please feel free to do so by going HERE.

I had a cupboard, or should I say I have a few cupboards, I want to get decluttered and cleaned out.  Today I managed to get one done along with one section of the counter top.

This portion of the counter top all cleaned and organized (for now), and  the one large cupboard done with before & after photos.  I was happy to have gotten this done.


Rob had ordered wood last week, since he was too busy last year to get some cut in our own bush.  Since running out of propane 2 weeks ago, and down to our last couple of cords, we definitely needed wood especially with this "Deep Freeze & Blizzard Weather" we are experiencing this Winter.

Rob had just gotten home late this afternoon when the truck of wood arrived right after him.  This will keep us quite nice and cozy for the remainder of this Winter.  Truly the wood stove is messy and a bit of work, but I really do not know how my body could manage without the heat from it that it loves so much.  It warms the Soul.

Yes we are experiencing high winds and now lots more snow.  One second it could be clear with the next being a completely different view.

The highway in front of our house had been closed up this afternoon before 2 pm.  There was a report of two bad accidents North of The Checkerboard, up above and in Ferndale this afternoon.  Apparently the Orange Helicopter had been called into one, and the other a Fire Truck had collided with the accident vehicles (Disclosure: I had heard this by way of "hear say", not any Policing Official).

While I got an early Dinner going for us, a very tired husband made himself comfortable in my spot on the couch.

Not only was my Rob enjoying my spot, he was also enjoying checking out any text messages I had received on my iphone .... *sigh* nothing is secret around this place.

Speaking about nosey people, do you ever wonder why some people who do not want anything to do with you in person or otherwise, but find they are looking in at you in what they think is a "sneaky" manner thinking you do not know about?  I have a couple people like that I have found out, dropping in on my blog, and checking out my profile on other Social Media sites.  It amazing how nosey some people really are.  Would this mean they have no life of their own?  I am not too sure ... myself I have been curious about people I have met, or wanted to find more about for something I need, however if I have decided someone is no longer in my life for a negative reason, or such, I do not go seeking them out or try to find out what they are doing, as why for ?

Just my thoughts nothing that is going to make or break my Life with wonderful positive family and friends who I love, and receive their love back.

Where did that little rant come from? just finding out someone who can't be bothered with me looking up my profile, and knowing someone else who can not be civil to me in public but reads my blog posts, this is where it came from. Enough of my positive energy spend on someone else's negativity.

The Pageant for the Wiarton Willie Festival Queen was cancelled this evening because of the road closures and nasty weather we are having.  No worries though it has been re-scheduled for tomorrow night.  Should you have a Facebook Account, you may follow ALL Wiarton Willie Festival Events by going HERE.  And for the Queen of the Festival Event tomorrow evening, please go HERE.

With it now going onto 7 pm, I still have Dinner dishes to do up, as well as 10 more minutes to be spent on my "old friend" the treadmill.

Adieu for now, as that is all she wrote this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. glad to hear you won the battle with the migraines. Blowing a gale here tonight as well!!

  2. Nasty cold weather that wood is going to feel good, I think this cold is going to hang on. Don't spend too much time with your old friend relax and enjoy your evening. Keep warm and safe. Hug B

  3. Windy ,snowy and cold here again! Someone who professed to hate me is always checking my blog...must hurt them to know I'm so happy!
    Wood chopping on our list tomorrow too.
    Jane x

  4. Roads are all closed here also. Sounds like the roof will blow off of our house. Wow, what a winter. I like the sign about THINK. Sounds just like what Barry is always saying. He never repeats any gossip, and tells very little of what he knows as he does not want to pass on false rumours. Have you not been able to get Propane delivered. I heard that some of the smaller companies are really having difficulty. We had some delivered on Tuesday. I always pay for it at the time of delivery so I get the discount. When I met the driver at the door, he said my computer is not working, if you give me a blank cheque made out to Sparlings you will get the discount. Without knowing how much the propane was even going to cost me I said, no, I don't think I want to send a blank cheque with you. I called to get the price and they said they had mailed out the invoice next day. Seems like there is a problem with Propane and the price has soared. Alice

  5. Good job on your accomplishments today. I hate organizing stuff, just this morning I was looking for my yoga pants and had no idea which drawer or closet they may be in, so now on my list is to grab a blue bag and go through and keep or get rid of stuff so I can find what I need.
    I am heading over to facebook now to join your group, I have been working on my eating habits but need to work on the exercise part of things. My treadmill got a good workout the 1st week of the new year but has been neglected since then.

  6. I occasionally wonder if my sisters are checking up on me, though I want nothing to do with either of them...

    We're getting the same kind of weather. You look outside, and it might be calm one moment. Ten minutes later, the wind's howling and snow's blowing everywhere.


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