Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cold Enough, Or What?

Was it cold enough or what this morning in Ontario?  it has not been that cold here since the Year I moved back to Bruce County in 2003, and that Winter it had been -40 with the Wind Chill.  We lost every battery except one in our vehicles.  It had been beyond cold that Year !

Yes at 6:53 am North of Wiarton it was  -27*C .  Downtown Wiarton looked like a deep freeze first thing this morning around 8:30 am..  I was in at MacKenzie's Pharmacy & on exciting the door handle had been a tad on the frosty side.  Before I had left the house this morning the dreaded Migraine began it descent on my head.  

Last night Rob and I had made a trip into Owen Sound to Sears.  I had a couple returns and wanted to get a further 25% discount on the Obus Mattress Pad I had purchased two weeks prior, which gave me another $20.00 savings since they had been on sale this week.  

My niece's oldest daughter is expecting their first child on the 11th of February.  I had missed the Baby Shower a couple of weeks ago, however I still wanted to get something for the baby.  I figure most first time Mothers always get plenty Newborn outfits, so I always buy something in the 3 or 6 month range.  

I fell in love with this outfit when I first laid eyes on it.   So many cute clothes out there for girls.  I have always bought for boys, so it was fun picking out a girly outfit.

Rob's back is far from the greatest to do any amount of heavy snow shovelling anymore.  We had a surmountable amount of snow on our deck after the Blizzard and it almost killed the two of us removing it.  I was showing him the Winter Toys being displayed over on the Seasons in the Valley Blog posted by the Furry Gnome yesterday, and last night we investigated an electric snow shovel.

  Sears had 5 left discounted from $149. down to $99., with a 2 Year Warranty.  We figured we would try one out since I am certain it would be a great Winter asset to have around.  Yes it was assembled in the living room in front of Rob's Lazy Boy chair.  *Sigh*....

It worked like a dream ... lickety split the deck was done, without any complaining or much stress to the back whatsoever.  What a difference in timeline using this then shovelling it by hand.  And holy moly it sure throws the snow, does it not?

Dinner this evening was simply done and very good.  Pork Schnitzel, Steamed Cauliflower, Corn, and leftover potatoes fried up, along with a side of Applesauce.

Rob was shocked that we were sitting down having our Dinner at 4:14 today.  I am  happy Dinner is over with, the dishes are done, and I am almost done this blog post as I will be taking myself to bed very shortly to try to rid me of the pain throughout the whole left side of my head from the back of my neck to behind my eye.

Something I did enjoy taking some time out to listen to today .... another pleasant Blast from my Past tune.

With that tune pleasantly replaying through my head I am going to take it to my nice warm bed with me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. My teeth are chattering too much to comment!
    Jane x

  2. So sorry you suffer from migraines. Cindy. *tucks you in and turns off the light*

  3. you may have to buy some block heaters for the trucks?

  4. Our dinner looked pretty similar today, minus the cauliflower :)

  5. Several people have said to me that their headaches are being caused by the severe cold temperatures! I wonder...I love my bed and often get to bed pretty early but then I get up at 5am. I have a funny feeling school might be cancelled tomorrow. In addition to the extreme cold there is a windchill warning due to strong winds being forecast for tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope your head is better today.

  6. Hope that shovel works well for you! It certainly makes things easier on my back.

  7. I've heard of electric snow shovels, but haven't seen them in action before. That dinner looks marvelous!


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