Thursday, 19 December 2013

Yesterday & My Today

Back to my yesterday ...

While waiting for Rob to come  home I packaged up a big box of Christmas goodies.  My hopes were dashed once inch after inch of Snow had begun to accumulate.  After 10:30 when it had lightened up,we headed South and finally made it to our destination where we dropped of this lovely 1992 Toyota Camry to our Son, Paul.

The Weather did not stress me out the whole trip down, as I was momentarily distracted when we stopped for fuel to admire this team and homemade cutter.  

It was a very late lunch Rob and I had, I am certain it must have been well after 2 pm.  Rob had a hot beef while I enjoyed a Grilled Chicken Breast on a Chibatta Roll.  Paul showed up with the girls, Chloe and Briar in tow to where we met to change over all the paperwork required for Paul to have ownership of the Toyota.  Once we had headed out to return back home, I could not help but think of Blackbird Pie when seeing all these birds on a wire.

Well into our trip back home I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain.  After contact with my doctor, Dr. Loney, we headed on over to the Owen Sound Hospital's emergency department.  I have been having chest pains for the past month, with the pain getting to be pretty much at times.

Two and a half hours later with excellent nurses and doctor on staff, I was sent on my way back home after determining I do have Gallstones, as well as a slight change in my EKG, which was probably due to the pain and stress I have been under the past month or so.  Life does have its way of taking its toll at times.

I was happy to get back home, after being administered some meds, as by that time was had been totally exhausted, as Rob had as well.  Needless to say, I will be watching what I eat, trying to stick to a bland diet.

This morning I really hadn't felt much more rested after the sleep I had.  I actually was in bed until just after 6 am !  Hooray for me.

Rob was on his way out the door to work, while I stayed in waiting for a Service Tech that Whirlpool Canada had arranged to check out my poor performing Whirlpool Aqualift Range I have been so dissatisfied with.

The Serviceman had arrived around 10 am.   After he listened to my baking woes, he started up the convection oven.  A half hour later he determined the problem must be with the Motherboard and a Probe sensor not functioning properly.  He will be ordering one and it should or could be installed as early as the first of next week.  

I am so happy I went one step further to leaving a comment on how dissatisfied with this unit on the Whirlpool Canada's Facebook page.  The only other option I had up to that point was to pay a $150.00 restock charge to have Square Deal Neil's replace the unit as they had not thought there to be anything wrong with it..  I was not about to put out another $150.00 on a stove that had been barely used, that was not performing as it was to, and was still under its 1 year warranty.  I really hope this will solve the problem, as I am looking forward to using an oven that is up to the standards it boasted about in its specs.

I had to go downtown today to drop off my new prescription to the Drug Store, but before doing this I had received a phone call saying there was a delivery coming.  I could not for the life of me think of who would send me a delivery.

What an amazing wonderful and beautiful surprise I had to have this arrangement delivered to us from my Girlfriend, Colleen.  I had been so happy and surprised I could not help but cry a wee bit.  And a Snowman? I LOVE Snowmen !  Thank you dear friend, Colleen ... xxx

Before I had headed out, Rob had came home, so he took me down.  I had a 40 minute wait for my prescriptions to be filled so we stopped over to the Wiarton Library as the Wiarton Farmer's Market was there for some pre-Christmas sales for the town.  

It was great to catch up with the Market Crew.  Here is my friend, Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products.  She even served up a homemade Turtle to Rob (actually they must have been really good as he asked for a second).  I fell in love with Abby's Santa top, it was so fun and festive.

When Rob had been over in Southampton today our Crabby Cabbie driver, Ron, passed on a card he was given for us from his youngest regular customer.   What a lovely card and gift he received.  This certainly put smiles on both our faces.

Before heading up to my appointment late this afternoon with my own Doctor, we had been out towards Oxeden.  Coming back into Wiarton, Rob stopped for me to take a photo of the cliffs across Colpoy's Bay.

The ice frozen on the banks makes an amazing photo.

I am still exhausted from the previous days.  I am going to be calling it a day here shortly and head off to my bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Been there - done the whole gallbladder thing - ... suffered for over 5 yrs until I had it out - 10 yrs ago. Do NOT eat fatty foods - bland diet until you can have it out! Hopefully you have an app't soon for it to come out - a very simple procedure - home the same day! Feel better! :)

  2. Sorry to hear of your illness yesterday; hope it gets resolved. That last picture is amazing. I guess I've never been by there in the winter to see those cliffs like that. Great picture!

    1. Thank you ! amazing are they. Let me know when you get up our way, maybe we could get together for a coffee?

  3. Cindy, so sorry to hear you are having gallbladder trouble. What are they doing for you, other than recommending a bland diet. Will you have surgery? How did Paul like the car, bet he was surprised. Take it easy girl and slow down. Hope you feel better real soon....Bess

    1. Thanks Bess. I will be seeing the Specialist probably in a couple months time, until then bland bland bland. Paul likes the car, not something a 30 yr old would chose for themselves, but he was very grateful for it. Roomy enough for the kids, and a 4 cyl will be great on fuel.

  4. Ouch!!! I heer the pain of Gallbladder is no fun at all take care of yourself! Congrats on getting help with your new stove, I too would be pretty put out to have such an expicencive appliance not working right

    1. Thanks Debby, on both accounts ! I was getting pretty frustrated with the oven since they had kept putting me off like I was nuts. 30 years of baking doesn't make what I know on baking times is not a person who is nuts !

  5. That icy bank is spectacular Cindy!

  6. Gallstones... yikes!

    That bank of ice is amazing indeed!


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