Friday, 13 December 2013

What A Fantastic SURPRISE !!!

Early to bed, and early to rise ?  that statement does NOT speak volumes to me.  Last night it was late to bed and early to rise.

By the time I had gotten home from the Wiarton Chamber meeting I am pretty sure it was going on to 10 pm.  I was happy my most favourite Crabby Cabbie driver was there to come pick me up.  He even took me to Timmies before going home to pick me up a Decaffeinated Coffee.  I am so happy I have Rob as a Best Friend, and a Husband, his is really sometimes a pretty good sort a guy.

Today I, once again, had great expectations for my day ahead.  Really I did not get much accomplished whatsoever.  

We did drop off one of the Crabby Cabbie vehicles to get new snow tires on the back AGAIN, as there was a mishap last night.

Yes a tire BLEW !  an almost brand new, maybe used one Season tire blew !!  *Sigh* so thankful this happened locally instead of on a long trip somewhere down the road somewhere.  Thank God there was an "experienced" driver driving when this happened as it definitely would have scared the Bejeezies out of me !!!

The weird thing about this blown tire was my friend, Toni with an "i" telling me about someone who's BRAND NEW just bought tire that had done the same thing yesterday, before I had even told her about this happening to us.  Quality? where has it gone in this "throw away" World we now live in.

This afternoon I made a trip downtown Wiarton, as a representative of the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce, covering some of the stores, who are Members of the Chamber, one store at a time to find out who offers Gift Certificates.  Why on Earth was I doing this?  cause I want to put it out there on Wiarton Facebook page, a few every day so people can get ideas of Gift Giving for their loved one, and do it LOCALLY !!!

Speaking of which, the Crabby Cabbie does offer Gift Certificates, and our Driver sold 10 today !  

I LOVE Snowmen, so we stayed with the Snowman Theme.  Aren't they cute.  Interested in a "Crabby Cabbie" Gift Certificate, please call Saugeen Shores:  519-373-7000, or Wiarton: 519-477-5950 to Order.  These make GREAT Stocking Stuffers too !

I also stopped into Karen's Creations & Scrapbooking today to double check if she offers Gift Certificates, to find out there was something left there for me.  I had totally forgot that Colleen of the Frank Street Baptist Church, who was one of the Leaders when our Grandboys, Aiden & Conner, were at Vacation Bible School this past Summer, had told me she was dropping off a couple of photos for me.

I almost cried when I opened the envelope to find these. What a fantastic surprise !  Some pretty good memories for me this week they had both been here with me.  A week I was fretful that was not going to happen, but it did and it was an AWESOME week.  I am looking forward to next Summer already with prayers already going upwards that it will be again.

I had some things I was trying to figure out late this afternoon.  I thought I would pickup the phone to give my Sister-in-Law, Delores, a call since it had been some time since I had spoken with her.  Thank goodness I had cause she had the answers I had been looking for ... Thanks Delores ! you are the BEST !!!

I am very fortunate to have family and friends when I am in need of knowledge or just a bent ear, that I can pick up the phone and call any one of them at almost any time, except of course when some have left the County to Alaska (Delores & Darol), or China (Cousin Vi), or Florida last Year (Auntie Gladys, but I had her Condo Phone # anyway), or Nova Scotia, which was no problem since I was there with my friend, Toni with an "i", so she had no other option to listen to me as she had been STUCK with me.

I always have my BFF, Colleen, who understand everything and anything I have to tell her, and Vicki, and .... this list could go on forever.  And of course my closet long-time friend, Bob, who is really more like family then a friend to me (we most certainly have had our bickers with each other throughout the Years).

FRIENDS & FAMILY totally ROCK this World, do they not ?????  Thanks everyone always forever.  Family, Old Friends & New Friends, and looking forward to friends yet to be ...

Every once in awhile I go back to the Year before to see what I typed into my On-line journal that same day.  Today was one of those days, but a year ago it had not been a Friday the 13th.  But it still had been the 13th of December, with a cute little video I might add, posted HERE.

Holy moly what's with all these feelings of Melancholy going on with me today?  not sure but I am just going to roll with it.

I think I am tired.  NO I am pretty sure I am tired.  I am so tired I am definitely going to be calling it a day here very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I guessed it would have something to do with the boys, but didn't anticipate photos.


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