Sunday, 29 December 2013

What A Day This Has Been !

Really I did not  have the best sleep in the World last night, but then again I have had much much worse so I will take any I can get.  I finally got up around 5 am.  The morning felt like it dragged a bit, but then I also do not mind if it feels that way rather then have it zip by me on high speed waiting for me to catch up., C

Before I get going on the day I had I best remember to post who has came along "on board" with me for the 52 Week Challenge:

Kathy, Debby, Diane, Cathy, Christy, Eleanor, Cathy (who promised she would stick to it this time around), Linda, Alice & Barry, Vicki and Cassie.

Should anyone else like to join in there is still time, just *click* on the 2014 52 Week Challenge on the side lines of my blog post and that will take you to the original post about it.  The more the merrier !

Once Rob and I got going this morning, we headed on North of the Checkerboard ... way further North then our usual place to go, which is Lion's Head to the good Doctors.

We were headed to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, up to Tobermory aka The "Tub".  It was a beautiful drive once we got through the fog and into all the lovely frosted bushes along the way.

Finally we made it to our destination where we were meeting my Cousin Brad, and his wife, Paula, who had invited us to the Ancient Cedars Cafe located at the Cornerstone Golf Club in Tobermory, for a late Brunch at 11:30 am.  I was pleased to see Paula wearing her new sweater she had purchased out on our shopping excursion yesterday, as I LOVE it !

I was very impressed with all the made from scratch, homemade foods offered at the brunch table.  Everything from eggs, bacon, sausage, toast to Lasagna, Beef Stir-fry, Turkey Dressing Casserole, Basmati Rice, Salad, and a great selection of fresh fruits.  All of this for $15.00 per person, including taxes and beverages.

I would definitely not hesitate on returning to the Ancient Cedars Cafe when they re-open in the Spring of 2014.  To keep up-to-date with owners, who are also the creators and preparers behind all the fantastic foods, check out their website HERE, or their Facebook page HERE.  If you take a drive up that way, and stop in for some of their Food Fare, I personally do not think you would be disappointed.

Not only did we have a great Brunch, the four of us had a nice visit together too.  I always enjoy when we get together with Brad & Paula.  Thanks for the invite !

After we had said our Good-byes, Rob took me into Tobermory to snap a couple of shots.

Brrr it was cold.  A huge difference from the hustle & bustle of the Summer and Ferry Crossing Crowd it most certainly in.   Still in the absence of it all, the beauty still is plenty with the now sleepy village.  The drive out of Tobermory also had included freezing rain which we left once further South.

The afternoon I was busy on the phone with Bell Mobility trying to figure out the plan for the new Apple iphone 5s I was going to be getting.  Going on to almost 3 hours with Bell Customer Service, and finding out I had been quoted a "wrong" plan I was ready to cry.  The story ended well, I took the plan as it was meant to be, but the Bell Loyalty Department Customer Service Rep, matched the price of the phone that Best Buy was offering me for $99.00, rather then their price of $229.00, since I went through so much "run about" the past two days.  He truly had wonderful Customer Service Skills.

By the time I had made these arrangements, and off the phone it had been almost 4 pm.  We wanted to get to the Bell Mobility store in Owen Sound before they closed at 5:00.  We were there in record time, where we once again had another wonderful Customer Service person.  After we got the phone and my new plan activated, stopped into Walmart for a few things we finally made it back home at 7 pm !!!  Oh man what a day this has been !!!

Drum Roll .... my new Apple iphone 5s ready for me to learn all about it.  My plan include Across Canada & Unlimited Long Distance calling, unlimited text/video, Call Answer, Call Display and 1 GB of Data for the Internet.  Tomorrow I will be calling Bell Canada to decrease our Home Phone to a Basic Plan.  I would altogether cancel our Home line, however we still require it to send faxes.  Learn all about the Apple iphone 5s by clicking HERE.

It has been another "big" day behind me.  Here I am, once again, tired.  I always have told my Mom that is my middle name instead of Cindy Dale, Cindy Tired.  The old saying, "if the shoe name fits wear it", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy, I always enjoy reading your blog, and Tobermory hs to be one of my favourite places. Hope you enjoy your new phone. I find mine great for texting our daughter and other relatives, tho' that's not what I bought it for. Be sure to activate the 'Find my Iphone' app so you can find it if it ever gets lost.

    1. Thanks for that tidbit of iphone knowledge ! so much appreciated for an iphone newbie such as myself

  2. I may call Bell today as the kids say I have the worst phone plan ever. Both our kids have no home phone now just their cell phones. Could you not send and receive faxes through the computer?

    1. Yes I can probably, but then again I just might scan and email the Accounts we bill monthly too. I am just thinking it might be so time consuming to fax the payrolls in every 2 weeks as there is about 20 sheets.

  3. Well Cindy Tired enjoy your new phone:) Keep warm OK Hugs B

  4. Oh, I DETEST talking to phone/satellite/tech companies!!!!! Three hours! Blech! I do hope the new phone was worth it!

    Dave and I got rid of our landline about a year ago - best thing we ever did!

    1. Yes not even 24 hours old & I am loving the phone !!!


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