Thursday, 5 December 2013

This, That & OH NO Poor Rob !

Today I thought I would try to be a bit smarter then usual (a girl can try harder, can she not?), and sit myself to make a list rather then going around all day feeling overwhelmed, to see how that would work out for me.

First thing I sat down at my, once again messy dining room table overflowing with Crabby Cabbie,  ****, that would mean Stuff, oh poop stuff has 5 letters, while my Peanut Gallery did not give me much in the way of support.

I got our bedroom all tidied, vac & dusted, as well as cleared of the, I am ashamed to say, accumulation of **** off the dog crate that had been in the hallway for wayyyyy to long.  Some of that **** landed in on the spare room bed, whilst the kennel was returned to the basement.  Why does it always seem to take a mess to clean a mess????

I did get a good start on the bathroom, but that is all it was, a "start".  Hopefully the floor in there will be washed down tomorrow.  I got sidetracked with phone calls pertaining to Crabby Cabbie ****, then HE came home HIMSELF, to sidetrack me some more.

I finally headed downtown to do a couple of errands.  I dropped around to the Wiarton Library as the Wiarton Farmer's Market is there for the 3 weeks preceding Christmas from 10 am to 2 pm.

There are some pretty sweet and amazing items there as ideas for Gift Giving.  There is my friend, Abby of Miner's Maple Products, all sweet and innocent looking with her Maple Syrup Products.  Honey, Lamb products, and every kind of amazing jam imaginable, as well as baked products and other cool stuff.  Mark your calendar to drop by next Thursday to take a peak.

I also had to drop around to speak to the Hairdresser who does Mom's Hair at Gateway Haven, also dropping around to see my girlfriend, Colleen, to give her a Christmas gift for under her tree (just incase the weather gets bad and I don't get over to see her beforehand).

One more stop and  I was on my way back home.

I had an unpleasant run-in with a person that set me back somewhat today.  You know when you can not only see, but feel how a person is by their body language, and how at times that gets your back up?  This was one of those times .... I hate feeling uncomfortable and unnecessarily on my defenses, especially when only making an innocent inquiry, then when having felt slighted, trying to defend myself ... really making me feel yechy for the most part of the day.

I spoke to this same person, once I had returned home, to see what the problem had been, and if they had felt I was a cause of their reaction by my question, and was told "no", but you know, when you know, and having that "feeling" this is was not true.  I think I am pretty good at times when it comes to my intuitions.  I think it best from here on in to avoid this person as much as possible, as I have with others possessing such a nature about themselves.

I did get back home to ....

.... find there had been Happy Mail waiting in our mailbox for me.

While I had been running errands, Rob had been putting more things away before Winter really hits, and getting a bit more prepared.  Unfortunately my poor man twisted the wrong way and wrenched his back pretty badly.

Fortunately we had a Doctor's appointment already scheduled for this day.  Late this afternoon we were Northward bound for our appointment with the Good Doctor.

Nicely set in the patient room, eyeing up how much allergy serum I had and thinking I needed to order more, my Rob, in as much pain as he was, still sat there with a Smile the size of a Cheshire Cat with his bag of drugs beside him with a $1 sign on it.  It would be moments later when he had to get himself up that same grin would be as quick to leave his face as it was put on there.

I even grimaced in pain as Dr. Loney applied the freezing into Rob's back muscle.  Oh I do hate needles.  

Unless things get worse, we are back for another regular schedule appointment in two weeks.  I am thinking if the muscle is wrenched as bad as when he tore one in his stomach the last time, we might be back to see the Good Doctor before two weeks.

I really hate when I allow a bad experience in a day to hang over me for so long.  I stopped, gave myself another shake and started reflecting on all the goodness I have in my life, and all the people I love and who love me back.

I am so happy to now have a new photo on our mantle to make me *Smile* when I need a reminder of how lucky I am ....

... who could not *smile* when you have seven wonderful SMILES smiling back at you such as these?

This really makes my heart sing !!!  I have much to be thankful for, I just need the odd reminder at times is all.

Rob and I had a quick dinner of an Omellete made with Red Pepper and Cheese, a side of bacon, and slice of toast.  He took himself to bed shortly after we ate, and I can hear snoring from down the hallway.  He needs to sleep soundly and heal, hopefully quickly.

Wow almost 8 pm.  I need to get my Aussies out and about for the last time this evening before calling it a night myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I hope your Rob's back feels better soon.

  2. Chris did his back old war wound we say and laugh..but it really is!!
    Jane x
    PS Love the seven smiley faces.

  3. Hi Cindy~Hope all gets better in your neck of the woods~ We have had the same crappy weather:( I re-injured my knee and back, so I have been spending some time at the Doctor's office myself lately...Lynn

  4. get better soon Rob. and Cindy, can you please send me the link again to your recipe exchange. I have a friend interested in joining and I can tag her so she can see it. Thanks

  5. Hope Rob heals quickly, not the time of year to be laid up with a bad back. Love the picture. Where are the customers for the Farmer's Market. All I see are the merchants. Anita told me she had been at the market today, but I didn't realize it went on each Thursday. I assume just until Christmas? I am going to miss the Open House this time as I have a card making workshop to go to. Kind of late to get the cards done, but she has had to postpone it twice. Alice

  6. Oh poor Rob I do hope he is taking it easy and heals quickly. My Hero is nursing the same thing.
    Why does it always seem to take a mess to clean a mess???? a question that I have asked myself a lot lately:) Hug B

  7. Just posted this comment:

    Cookie swap is on the 20th!!! Christmas decorating hopefully next week; nervous breakdown hopefully not until after Christmas!!



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