Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Love Love Love Surprising !

Merry Christmas to Everyone from Rob & Myself.

~ Crabby Cabbie Artwork by Russ Ewing ~

When Rob returned home this morning from Owen Sound he was busy cleaning off our driver's truck, as he was going to be dropping of our Taxi and taking the next two days off.  It had really been buried until Rob got at it.  After he had been done with that we headed on to the hustle and bustle in Wiarton to pickup a couple last minute things.  I picked up the huge bag to put all Mom's gifts in, and a gift of Chocolates for Mom on behalf of my Sister, Jeanne, & her husband, Cecil, who live in Newfoundland.

I had arrived back home, just nicely getting Mom's gift together when Gateway Haven called to tell me Mom's floor was closed down due to a Flu Outbreak.  Jeez could it not waited for a couple more days until after Christmas was over?   I hope Mom isn't too disappointed when they tell her.  Family are still able to go visit if they wear a mask when they go in, so I will probably go up tomorrow morning to at least take her the gifts.

I then called my Sister, Jeanne.  It is her and Cecil's 25th Wedding Anniversary today.  How nice was that?

Happy Anniversary Jeanne & Cecil ! and many many more.

I did a bit of cleaning today, goodness knows there is tons to be done after being out of commission for almost a week here.  When done that I decided NO MORE, I was going to put together some goodies and go visit my Girlfriend, Colleen, no matter what.  Rob drove me over to Sauble Beach where she lives.  She didn't know we were coming ... I love, love, love surprising people, don't you???

Colleen LOVES Santa Claus, as much as she loves the colour purple, or an ice cold Margarita once in awhile.  These are only a few photos of the Santas she has collected or been gifted.  Her newest gift is this large picture of Saint Nick himself, from her sister, Heather.  Is it not beautiful?

Rob took camera in hand, and did not do too bad capturing us "girls" in a couple photos.  We had a great visit.  I am looking forward to the Dinner date we made to get together in January, weather permitting of course.

Colleen's "other half", Barry, has the Sauble Beach Outpost.  I love browsing through Barry's shop, so many nice things I would love to have.  Oh there is Barry in the bottom right photo.  I had the pleasure of receiving a pair of Moose Moccasins one Christmas from Colleen & Barry, and I LOVE them !  Drop in to see them sometime, as it is really easy to find going out of Sauble Beach, just past the new Home Building Centre up on the left hand side, you can't miss it.

We got home where Rob stoked up the Wood Stove as brr, it is -17*C out there already.  I have a gift to open from Colleen & Barry, and Rob bought this lovely shrimp ring from Barry for $2.00 (or he would not have sold it to Rob), and we also tried out this Boursin Garlic & Herb "lite" Cheese (I love Boursin Cheeses).

Yesterday our Paul had his boys, Aiden & Connor.  Paul, Liz and the five children had their Christmas yesterday.  It was very sweet of our dear Elizabeth to send us the following photo.

Here is Briar and Connor "doing up" Paul's hair.  He is an excellent subject is he not???   Ha, ha, ha ...

Are you wondering if Santa is getting closer to your house? just check out where he is now by going HERE.

I would like to now share the email my friend, Jiba, sent me via email yesterday, and that I truly loved receiving:

Jesus is better than Santa Claus

Jesus is Better Than Santa

Santa lives at the North Pole ... 
JESUS is everywhere.

Santa rides in a sleigh ... 
JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.

Santa comes but once a year ... 
JESUS is an ever present help. 

Santa fills your stockings with goodies ... 
JESUS supplies all your needs. 

Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ... 
JESUS stands at your door and knocks, 
and then enters your heart when invited.

You have to wait in line to see Santa ... 
JESUS is as close as the mention of His name.

Santa lets you sit on his lap ... 
JESUS lets you rest in His arms.

Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is 
"Hi little boy or girl, what's your name?" ...
JESUS knew our name before we were born...
Not only does He know our name,
He knows our address too. 
He knows our history and future and 
He even knows how many hairs are on our heads.

Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ...
JESUS has a heart full of love.

All Santa can offer is HO HO HO ...
JESUS offers health, help and hope.

Santa says "You better not cry" ...
JESUS says "Cast all your cares on me for I care for you." 

Santa's little helpers make toys ...
JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts,
repairs broken homes and builds mansions.

Santa may make you chuckle but ...
JESUS gives you joy that is your strength.

While Santa puts gifts under your tree ...
JESUS became our gift and died on a tree....
The cross.

Put Christ Back In Christmas...
Jesus Is Still The Reason For The Season!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." 

John 3:16

God Bless Everyone, and a Merry Christmas to ALL !!!

I am looking forward to Rob and I having one WHOLE DAY OFF tomorrow (this is not true as he will stay on call for the Hospitals), and I know Rob is looking forward to having Turkey Dinner, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Merry Christmas Cindy and Rob. Wishing you as much happiness as you bestow on others. Alice

  2. Wishing you and yours Cindy a magical Christmas time...Merry Merry Christmas

    Amanda x

  3. I hope it was a Merry Christmas for you.


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