Thursday, 12 December 2013

Doubly Disappointed

It has felt like a very long day, with Rob probably feeling as tired as I am as his phone went off at 1:30.  I never got back to sleep the remainder of the evening, and he did not return back home until 3:30 am, not getting much more sleep then I.

The poor guy had been very busy as well all day.  Not that we do not want it NOT to be busy, but it is difficult to be tired, busy and have nasty weather to drive around in to boot !

Yes the day has been very nasty mostly in all of Bruce County from reports I have heard throughout the day on Facebook.  The Bruce Peninsula has gone from a Snow Squall warning last night right into the Snow Squalls today:

It was a good day to carry on with some Christmas Baking.  This I did by making a batch and a half of my Mom's Christmas Cookies (originally my Grandma Masterson's recipe I believe).

I remember my Mom making tins and tins of these cookies.  After conferring with my siblings it was all the same for each of us sneaking down the stairs to pilfer them by the handfuls before heading back up to our beds.  Asking Mom in later years, she said she heard all of us and knew exactly what were were up to.  I think she must have hid tins so there would be some left for Christmas.  They are not only colourful, they are still one of my favourite Christmas Cookie.

Recipe please?  FOR A *PRINTABLE* RECIPE please *CLICK* HERE.

I have been very disappointed in the performance of my (not yet a year old and barely used) Whirlpool Range Top Stove.  Having had a Convection Oven for 12 years prior to purchasing this State of the Art Model after much research, I hate to say it is not up to "snuff" one iota.  The Convection Cooking, that is to take less energy and less cooking time, actually takes much longer times.  For example cookies that are normally baked in 8 to 10 minutes, took 15 to 20 minutes.

Since I had the Appliance Store come back a few months after I had first purchased it in to check it out, finding nothing apparently wrong with it, I thought after my dissatisfaction today I would content Whirlpool Canada's Customer Service Department directly myself.

Not only disappointed in the performance of this Oven that cost me almost $900.00, I was doubly disappointed with the lack of Customer Service I received from Whirlpool, who put it back on the Dealer, Square Deal Neil in Southampton.  Shame on them.

Since I had first contacted the Dealer to get the Serial & Model number of the stove, they had asked I call back to let them know how I made out with Whirlpool.  I did this.  The response I received by the staff member of the Dealer was totally AMAZING.  They had record of when their Serviceman had came out to check the stove for me, which Whirlpool said they did not have record of, and according to the Dealer they had.  The Dealer's employee is also going to discuss this matter with the Owner tomorrow, and get back to me with hopefully a solution.

The problem is the Company should stand behind their product, not the Dealer !  I would recommend Square Deal Neil's to anyone, as my parents had dealt with them from the time they had first opened (when I was still very young and living at home), as has almost everyone with a 50 mile radius or more of Southampton.

Here is how a Convection Oven should perform HERE, something mine does not do.

I will post tomorrow what I hear back from the Dealer at that time.

After dealing with that situation, as well as having a bit of a rant over the way companies build appliances now a days in this "throw away" World we now live in, I got it together enough to put some goodies together.

I have a Chamber Meeting tonight, so I put a large plate of what I had made the past two days together for that, as well as a large tin for a good Customer of the Crabby Cabbie.  I absolutely LOVE this Tin, having a difficult time of giving it away, but hopefully it will be enjoyed as much by those who receive it.  Is it not lovely?

It is getting dark out there.  It is still cold and blustery at times.  I am waiting for Rob to come back home so he can drive me into Wiarton for the meeting.  Then hopefully when he picks me up to come back home I can then call it a Day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. We are going to recalibrate our replacement takes too long to cook.It was a replacement for a new stove we had last year which had fault after heck of a job to get it exchanged. What is it with companies now?!
    Jane x

  2. I was talking with a friend of mine on Tuesday morning and she was saying the service man who came to deal with some problems she was having with appliances told her that appliances are built to last 10 years now.. If your appliance is more than 10 years old they recommend replacing it rather than repairing it. I could not believe this. My appliances are all well over 10 years old but I still refer to them as "new" and would hate to have to replace any of them. Yes, Cindy this is a throw away world.
    We had a bit of blowing here today, but now what I would call snow squalls. I am still surprised at how fortunate we are with just enough snow to make it look like Christmas but not enough to keep us off the roads. Alice

  3. Makes you want to strangle someone, that kind of runaround, doesn't it?

    It's cold here too...

  4. I have a convection oven too but I haven't been successful adapting to it so I rarely use the feature.


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