Saturday, 14 December 2013

Can You Say COLD ???

What a cold frosty this day has been with temperatures dipping down to -15*C first thing, never mind the Wind Chill factors.  Can yo say, "Cold", as I most certainly could the couple of times I had been outside this day ... brr.

Early this morning, actually before 7 am, our friend Rob was outside dropping off something he was storing in our shed, and picking up the older little  Kia we had purchased a bit ago to take off for scrap, once he had removed the new tires first.

Once friend, Rob, had left, my Rob had left shortly afterwards on down the Highway to work.  Me?  I looked after our 4 Aussies, showered, threw in a load of laundry, then got thinking about some more Christmas Baking.  

I have another new "rant" other then boycotting Kellogg Canada, that be Canada Post, which you can read all about HERE.  That is just NOT fair whatsoever, is it ???  especially when I was prepared to by a whole **** load prior to the raise.  $1.00 a stamp? I am wondering if I will be posting Christmas Cards next Year or not ?

Today I made some Mocha Balls, that I don't think I am really too fond of, so they will not be a remake in the future, then got going on one of Rob and Paul's favourite, one I have been making for well over 30 years (oh I do not like the sound of that 30 year part ... boohoo).

First off the melting of the chocolate, with Vanilla and beaten egg mixed in, along with walnuts, then a bag of Coloured Miniature Marshmallows (once chocolate has cooled enough not to melt the marshmallows).  Rolled in Coconut on waxed paper, tightly wrapped in Plastic Wrap, then into the Fridge to set.  The one roll that was what was left I did not roll in Coconut, as I am not one who is too fond of it, so held back on this little piece just for me.  These Marshmallow Rolls, aka Stained Glass Windows, have been enjoyed by many Year after Year.

Recipe please?  FOR *PRINTABLE* RECIPE, please *CLICK* HERE.

When I go to grab something from 2 of our drawers, I am ever amazed I never seem to have a problem finding what I am after in these messy drawers.  Almost scares me into thinking if I clean and organize them I might never find anything ever again !!!  Hmm.... I wonder.

With the afternoon spent making Christmas goodies it did not seem to take long to fly on by me.  Not that I like wishing my life away but it helped since I have been so terribly tired today.  This always happens when I lie in bed awake since Midnight.  One of our Crabby Cabbie drivers got a call around 1:30 am, as did my Son, who was still up at 3:00 am.  I swear as soon as it was almost 7:00 am, I was ready to go into a deep coma like sleep ... never fails, does it?

Rob was very bundled up when he was out and about in the elements this afternoon.  I love this jacket we had gotten him a couple of years ago when he USED to go walking with me.  *Sigh* ... I had just been thinking the other day how much I miss those evening walks together, despite all his complaining enjoyment when we went.

Much later Rob had to go out again, as he was going to attempt changing the battery in our Tractor that had, surprise, surprise, frozen.  He had Lexus out running around with him while he did a few other things, so I headed out to join them for a wee bit.

Our girl, Lexus, always wants to kiss kiss kiss us ... always a loving soul this girl is, and a beauty of one too.

The mess in the kitchen has all been cleaned up, the laundry has been hung to dry hours ago over the wooden clothes horse, a light dinner has been had by us, with Rob gone to lay down with his sore back, and I thinking my eyes have been getting heavier by the minute here.

Who does not love listening to a Classic from time to time ????

I really truly do not think I will be far off my bed this evening, the trick is to stay asleep once I have gone there.  Thank goodness the Food Network keeps me occupied at times in the wee hours of the mornings, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You can fit a LOT of things in your drawers! As long as you can find what you need, I think your system works :)

  2. Hey Cindy
    We have had a snow storm going since early this morning and to be going into tomorrow ! Oh I know about the stamps and mail I did a rant the other day about it , bloody nuts it is ! Nice photos . Sweets look YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. As soon as I heard about the price going up I went in to the Post Office to get a roll. When the clerk said they didn't have any I thought it was because they were sold out. So I said I would take 4 books instead.Then when I take a look at them I see they are marked 63 cents. This plan must have been in the works for awhile and kept pretty darn hush, hush. So I have my stamps and I was told I could still use them when the price goes up, but I am thinking I will probably have to add more stamps to them. We will see. I have just gotten into making my own cards and love to do that so I am not sure if I will cut back next year or bite the bullet. Time will tell. I do know that we have only 2 more payments to make in our 52 week money challenge. I am still pondering, will I spend it on something I would not normally buy, save it for spending on our next trip, put it into a G.I.C. or something that gets me some interest or just put it aside for gas for the boat next summer. Decisions, decisions. decisions. Good night. Alice

  4. I've been wearing five layers today over my chest... T-shirt, button shirt, sweater, leather jacket, and overcoat... and still I can feel the cold!

    I've got to get going for home soon... those five minutes of walking between campus tunnel and home will feel brutal!

  5. Yikes that's cold! We never get temps like that and would have no idea what to do if we did!
    Your stained glass candy is really cool, Cindy. Thank you for sharing it.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.


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