Monday, 30 December 2013

Bye Bye Christmas

People kept telling me do not drink caffeine before bedtime as that is what is probably the cause of your sleeping problems, they said.  I have not drank coffee or regular tea, or had chocolate, for the past couple of week and I still have been having my lovely broken sleep nights.  

My Mother has been like this all her life, and I have been the same since my late teens.  I believe my sleeping disorder is genetic unfortunately.  This is my story and I am sticking to it ... YAWN.

I decided I would get Rob some breakfast into him before he took off at 7:30 for work this morning, as I knew he was not going to be back home until lunchtime and needed something on his tummy.

We had Oatmeal this morning, and Sweet Red Pepper & Medium Cheddar Block Cheese Omelet for our Dinner this day.  Breakfast foods are good anytime of the day.

This morning I had some lessons from my amazing girlfriend, who knows all things iphone.  It is taking me a wee bit, I am slower texting then I was on my Blackberry, but I think I have caught on very well and am LOVING every moment of having an Apple iphone 5s.  I even got to have FACE TIME with Vicki and my friend, Sharon, who is in Florida !!!  

Truly between being sick with gall bladder and migraines two weeks ago, then busy this past Christmas week, my house looks like a Mega Dust Bunny lives in it.  I warded off the headache first thing with meds, and got myself going on beginning with our dining room area.

I only managed to get it dusted real well, and the Christmas decor away.  The Winter decor will remain out for another couple months yet.  Snowmen I LOVE and they "spell" Winter, do they not?

Oh yes, I also put on a pot to make Turkey Stock from the carcass Rob had put in the freeze for me.  Once cooled over night I will skim it, sieve it and have a lovely homemade stock for soups.  Tis the Season for soup ... and truly it has been cold enough for soup to be a welcome entree by anyone these past couple of days.  Rob & I? we like soup pretty much anytime.

Along with the 52 Week Money Challenge, and by the way thanks for signing up with the rest of us Cassie (still not too late for others to join in if you like, just click HERE to find out more), I always try to save loonies and toonies for the Year in my Nest Egg.  Last Year it had been added to my 52 Week money savings bringing it up to $1,500.00 or so.

Today I counted out the Nest Egg savings which totalled $230.00.  A great start to pad the savings account with & Ring in the New Year of hopefully more savings and a better financial Year ahead for us !  Whoo hoo !!!  Do you have a little Nest Egg put away for yourself ???

Rob was home for a little bit this afternoon.  What did he do while he was home?  he busied himself doing a "man" thing which of course involved a TV and its remote.

Out with the old and in with the new, when he switched up our old Panasonic of 16 years with a newer Samsung flat screen.  Rob had bought the Samsung from a guy 1 1/2 years ago, and it had been stored in our spare bedroom until today.  He looked at it before he had to go back out tonight wondering why he had waited so long to hook it up ???  I guess because there is still nothing wrong with the picture in our old Panasonic 32 " is why.

Hopefully the newer TV will last as long as the old one did, but one never knows now a days in this "throw away World" we live in.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  Being the wife of a man who owns his own Cab Company, I will be a Cabbie Widow tomorrow evening, while my Crabby Cabbie is out getting responsible people, who take cabs home when drinking, home safe and sound.  They have had a snow squall warning in effect, so I am truly praying the 80% precipitation they are forecasting tomorrow night changes down to something less threatening so at least the roads will be good for Rob and our guys to be out driving in.

What plans do you have to bring in the 2014 New Year?  for New Year's Day I am going to roast a Prime Rib Roast, and do up some Rosemary Potatoes in the Crock Pot, along with a fresh steamed vegetable for our dinner.  I also think I might make some Yorkshire Pudding to go along with the meal to make it that much more special for us.

Oh yes, before I sign off for the evening you might like to see what our Bandit had for his breakfast this morning.  Please do by *clicking* HERE.

Tomorrow I will get the other few Christmas items put away again until next Year, so it will be "bye bye Christmas".

My headache has returned with a flourish, feeling like a very huge darning needle is coming through the left side of my brain out my left eye.  I have take yet MORE meds, hoping it will subside sooner then later.  On that note, I think I will sign-off for now to get the dinner dishes washed up and relax the remainder of my evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Don't you love feeding pooches peanut butter? Watching that is even better than ANY TV, new or otherwise! We're not doing a whole lot for New Years - the neighbours are coming over and my mom is still here and we'll probably watch movies and order pizza. I do hope the weatherman is wrong and Rob has clear roads on his busy, busy night.

  2. Good luck to Crabby on New Year's Eve!

  3. Oh, I so hope the weather will be nice for you and especially for Rob tomorrow!

  4. Happy New Year to you all.....I'm relieved it's nearly all over now! xx

  5. I've got a brother and a cousin who both drive cabs... New Year's Eve was very busy for them!


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