Monday, 16 December 2013

Adding Insult To Injury

I really do not like when I am overtired and have yet another nasty poopy day, but then does anyone? truly I would like to think NOT !  Another bad night's sleep behind me and a full day ahead really is adding insult to injury in my books.

This morning I got a few Goodies together for gifting.

A box with a few Christmas Goodies along with a bag of Mocha Cookies for our Mail Lady.  Does anyone else gift their Mail person, Doctor, or Paper boy/girl?  I feel when I do it has always been appreciated.  I still have to make up a tin each for my Mom, and my brother, Allan.

I wanted to get a bit more baking done since I still had to do a big box of goodies up for the kids.  It is a BIG box I have planned to fill, as that is required when there is seven of them.  Yes that would be 7 of them.   The 2 big ones, Paul and Liz, then the 5 little ones, Josh, Aiden, Chloe, Briar and Connor.

I got the flour, cornstarch & sugar sifted first thing so I could get going on the Shortbread Cookie cut-outs.  The pan below had been in the Whirlpool Aqualift Convection Oven that has been giving me so much grief for 40 minutes and had still not been cooked.  I had to turn the heat up 50 more degrees to get them cooked after another 10 minutes.  This was ridiculous for a cookie that should only take 20 minutes top in a regular 300*F oven !!!  Regardless I did manage to get what I needed done after a considerable amount of time.  To add more insult to injury I knocked the bottle of sprinkles over with half the bottle ending up in the sink.  I suppose it could have been worse ending up all over the floor.  *Sigh* more cleanup added to the already huge mess I had created.

Rob had to head out very early this morning to work.  Once back home he called a neighbour to see if he could drop around, as he had no time until later today to get the new battery put into our tractor.

Good thing for a neighbour with a tractor and blower to unplug the end of our driveway.  After the lunch hour Rob was able to get the new battery installed and our tractor out of the shed.

By the time I had finished up the baking, it was time for us to head out to our Doctor's appointment this afternoon at 4:15.  We stopped at our mail box before heading North of the Checkerboard to Lion's Head.

Rob had to look in at me going thru the mail to see what the cheque was for $30.00.  I had forgotten all about applying for a rebate from Danone Activa Yogurt on a Class Act Settlement that was finalized.  What a nice little bonus in the mail.  While we were driving along Rob said, "at least it was something good for a change today".  Yes it just happened to be another one of those days for the both of us.

Finally arriving at the Good Doctor's, Dr. Loney had put freezing in Rob's backside again, adding a bit of Cortisone this time around.  Once he was done I got to discuss what has been going on with the pains I have been having in my chest for the past month or so.  It has been feeling like someone is sitting on my Chest, and the shortness of breath is not even corrected by using my inhaler.  The Doctor ordered an Ultra Sound on my chest, which we are hoping I can get done tomorrow so we can check any results from it by the end of the week.  Then move on to Step 2 if need be.  I am truly grateful we have a Doctor that is very thorough.

Earlier today I had put a Cottage Roll in the Slow Cooker.  Being distracted by baking and a very poor performing Convection Oven (only 9 months old and barely used, with a complaint put into Whirlpool in an early post), I had forgotten to put carrots and potatoes into the Slow Cooker as well.  Never mind to that slip up, as when we returned home from the Doctor's I did the veggies in the Pressure Cooker in no time at all.

Dinner was very good.  I strained the vegetable water into the water the Cottage Roll had cooked in.  Once I skim off the fat tomorrow I will have a great broth leftover for a 9 Bean Soup.  Hooray!

Other then cold and crisp, the Sun was out in full force today ending up a very beautiful weather day.  When we had came back home the Moon had been out in full force.

Truly there is beauty in both the Sun and the Moon, is there not?

This day is almost done, with hopefully a much better day ahead with no insults to injury coming my way, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. My parents always tipped the letter carriers at Christmas.

    Mind you, it might well have been because Dad spent most of his working life as a mailman.

  2. BRRRR, is it ever cold eh? Not much is moving around here these days either. My little car which is spending it's days tucked in a nice warm garage hasn't let us down yet. You should see it plow through the snow without a slip or a slide!
    The highway was starting to get some black ice on the way home from shopping today. We were glad to get tucked in. A friend who drives a school bus hit a deer today. Oh the joys of country living.

  3. I can't believe your oven is not working already!! that's really disappointing! I hope they can fix it for you.

    And I hope you'll get good test results tomorrow, and that it's nothing serious.

  4. Oh I do hope Rob's back and your tests all turn out well. Keep warm it is so darn cold out nasty cold.You make me feel lazy you accomplish so much in a day:) Hug B

  5. We give the mail lady and the vet's office Christmas treats each year..they always appreciate it.
    Jane x

  6. My Mom had a similar problem to yours when she purchased a new gas oven. It turn out the problem was an inaccurate thermostat in the oven. She just purchase an oven thermometer from the kitchen store and used it to check the oven temp. (It was going to be a big deal to get the internal thermostat fixed and very inconvenient so she never did). It may help "prove" the problem since very rarely does the oven act up when the repairman is there. My mom had the repairman out several times and he could never find the problem.

  7. That's a nice little bonus chq. in the mail! :) Yay!! I hope everyone is on the mend soon!! xo


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