Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Something Always Costs US Money !

I was positively exhausted today, more then likely having something to do with me being up, again, at 3:00 am.  I take great comfort as I lay awake, or choose to get up, in knowing that I am not by myself in these wee hours of the morning, and there are many many other individuals also awake.

When I have a few nights like this, some days it does not make for very productive days at home.  However when there is much to do, there is usually one thing that stands out the most to me that really needs doing, or it will drive me "around the bend", more so then I already am.

Today it happened to be my favourite "catch all" spot, or one of two of them I should say as the Deacon's Bench by the front door is another designated spot.  This area shows up quite frequently throughout the Year as a "spot light" area on my blog posts.  Once I got to getting it all cleaned off, I re-loaded it with much less "stuff", but then I had to add just a few more items as really it must have looked way to bare in my eyes.

Truly I also got a bit of other dusting done, and some never ending Crabby Cabbie paperwork as well.  Rob called me from where he was in Owen Sound and told me his Driver's License Renewal was $95.00 this time around.  I took a look at it from where it had been placed as a reminder it needed looked after, to see it was not only a Renewal but also some sort of test as well.

Rob took the time to go check it out, calling back much later to tell me it was a test to re-do his Z Endorsement on his License, and he passed without a problem.  No warning, studying, or anything ... I sure wish I was that Smart.  I am, but in different ways that have to be why at times we compliment each other (if we keep telling each other this I am sure it will be true some day *smile*).

Out to retrieve the mail, what else would be there but yet more money to be paid out.

A cool $200.00 was dropped within hours.  Hydro and Rob's Drivers License Renewal, and this hydro bill was an unusual one.  The same old story everything goes up but the paychecks, right?

When I was out having a bit of fresh air with Bandit, I could not help but notice how hardy some garden plants are for mid-November.

A fern and the Chicks & Hens still look pretty lively considering the bed of snow surrounding them.

Also would anyone need "lots" of doggie fur  to knit a sweater maybe?  Mine? says Lexus, how could all that be mine?  And truly there is a garbage bag full I am sure when each Aussie comes shedding time.

I am ashamed to admit I have been so busy with this, that and the business of "Crabby Cabbie" that I forgot to post our dear Lexus's Birthday last week.

She is a very pretty girl, is she not?  and we LOVE her kisses to our noses when she jumps straight up to do so.

Would it not be a miracle if any of us could have a whole Month free of payments of something once a Year?  Very soon I will be doing my annual "Buy NO Meat" until most of the freezer is cleaned out.  This will be the third Year in a row I have done this, and it sure gets your spending and using previous purchased used up.

Another "Blast from my Past" with some Pink Floyd ....

My Rob has just returned home, so I best think about throwing something together for our Dinner, since I was too tired today to even plan this far ahead.  Shame on me.  Let's see, scrambled eggs, or french toast with a side of bacon comes to my mind, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hey Lexus ! It's my birthday on the 8th Nov too!
    Oscar xxxxx

  2. A belated happy birthday to Lexus!

    I don't think I've heard of a Deacon's Bench before....

  3. Happy birthday Lexus - she's a beauty.


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