Monday, 4 November 2013

Pumpkin, Feathers & Oil ????

Today was not a very eventful day, unless you count running vehicles back and forth to our mechanics all day long to have them undercoated with OIL before the Salt and Sand hits the roads heavy in Bruce County, and surrounding areas.

Our Wiarton driver was down in Saugeen Shores again helping out my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob, so that left me all by my lonesome with that, dogs, pumpkins and running 3 vehicles back and forth today all day long.

I had a call first thing this morning which took me out of the house by 8 am, not returning for about an hour later.  I thought it high time I tackled the two remaining pumpkins on my kitchen counter.

It is times like these wherein I am happy to have two Crock Pots.

After the pumpkin was put on LOW heat for the day, I then turned my attention to a bit of "Crabby Cabbie" paperwork, something there is never a shortage of.  In-between having the 2nd vehicle dropped off to be oiled I had two more calls today, one right after the other which was kind of nice.

Back home I was all ready to take the third vehicle down to switch it up with the already oiled on, when I turned the key to find the battery had decided to take a vacation.  I called up Lisa, who is our mechanics ever faithful right hand wife, who as always, came to my rescue.

Oh where did the Feathers come into play, in the Pumpkin, Feathers & Oil? when Lisa and I had seen this little guy hopping around the yard at her place.  Does anyone know what kind of birdie this little one is? looked like a baby Morning Dove to me, but is way too late in the Seasons for that? or so I thought it to be.  
And later today back at my place with a "dead" battery, my dear Lisa came to my rescue to get me boosted so I could finally change up the 3rd vehicle to have it oiled.

What would I have done without that girl this day? never mind me, I truly would not know what Jim would do without her at his side any day !!!   You GO Lisa Girl as you "ROCK" !

Today I also spoke to my Auntie, who LOVES Turkey Dinners as much as my Rob does.  It was decided that we would all meet this upcoming Friday to have ourselves one at the St  John's United Church.  Details as follows, and tickets to be purchased at the door.

I was speaking to my friend, Bob, via text, the other day.  He just recently got over a "bug" that was flu like.  By the sound of how Rob was feeling today with headache, sore neck, shoulders and aches everywhere, as well as nausea, I fear he might be coming down with something.  Me?  I can't tell until I have the flu full-blown, as that is how I feel most every day, minus the nausea..

Beware as the "bugs" are out and on the move, so keep warm and well if you can.

I hear snoring coming from the back of the house.  This is a good thing as it means Rob is getting some much needed sleep earlier then later this evening.

Old time it would be 9:08 at the minute, but since we are on Fall Back time now, it is only 8:08.  A few more days might bring me around to not thinking like that any longer I hope ... these things take time, do they not?

Tomorrow morning I have to not only be up at my usual early time, but out the door and in Owen Sound for an 8 am appt. with a Nose/Ear/Throat Specialist to see what is going on with the abnormalities in my nose that showed up on my Cat Scan.  Maybe that is part of my problem with my Sinuses, and headaches?  Surely I will find out then..

Tired? of course I am.  When I spoke to my Sister, Donna, this morning, she wonders how I go, go and go without my mind ever having a rest.  I told her it was going to have lots of rest when I leave this World as we know it, so I have to get all the living in I can possibly get in now, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. My dad always took the cars to a place near Hanover for oiling this time of year. I don't know if it is still in business.

  2. The bird looks very much like a Mourning Dove.
    Jane x

  3. Don't you just love a church supper?
    I'm getting up earlier since the time change. That's a good thing in my case as you well know, LOL.

  4. I feel inadequate with my one tiny crock pot! What brilliant things they are Cindy. I couldn't live without mine. x


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