Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Power Behind The Making Of Pies

My Rob did not have to go into work last night.  This is the first Saturday evening that I can recall in two years he has been the "Crabby Cabbie" he has ever had off.  With me suffering with Migraines, it was wonderful to have him home to help me with the Aussies.  This morning it had been even more wonderful he was up before me and helping me once again with our Aussie "gang".

I am forever grateful for any help I get from my hubby when I am under the weather, as I know he is also when I am there for him.  Marriage is suppose to be a "partnership" is it not?  Hmmm is that why Rob got me to "sign the dotted line" almost 18 years ago so I could some day drive one of his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicles?  Ha ! just maybe that and the bookkeeping that goes along with it ....

My morning today began with yet another, or maybe still the same migraine, however not quite as bad as the one of last night.  I am certain I have gone through $100.00 worth of migraine medication within the past 24 hours.  At the moment I am holding yet another migraine at bay, but hopefully have it nipped in the bud by taking an Axert before it becomes full blown.

Rob and I had to head down Saugeen Shores way today.  Before we left by the Noon hour I made a call to a longtime girlfriend who I had not spoken to in at least the last 9 years.  I always felt she has been one of my closet girlfriends, as we never ever had a problem of being able to confide with ease to each other, no matter how many years lapse between us.  I was so happy when she made the comment today that it was just as natural talking to each other today, as if it was only yesterday.

The funny thing is that I am now living in Shannon's hometown of Wiarton.  I was thinking how neat it would be if she would move back here.  One never knows, so it is best never to say, "never", is it not? right Shannon? xx

I have to say I am extremely fortunate to have some very close friends who I love dearly.  Some I have had for years, and others who have came into my life the past few years.  They all have made my life more complete in one way or another, at any given time.  Yes I am fortunate to be so blessed.

Trust me when I have more time, I think my girlfriend, Shannon and I will be spending chatting a whole evening away over the phone in the very near future.  Thank goodness they have the Long Distance Telephone plans they do now a days, or our phone bills would be "OUT OF THIS WORLD" !

We took our "new to us" 2007 Pontiac Montana to get fuelled up today, with hopes the fuel mileage will be efficient for my cheap ways frugal lifestyle.  Rob had himself quite the chuckle when he realized what our license plates "BSLC" could stand for ... "Bull S**t Loves Cindy".  Thank God for a sense of humour.  Ha ! that is one of the games I am certain we have all done from time to time when travelling and reading license plates.

Once we had came back from Saugeen Shores after fuelling up in Southampton, dropping around to drop off my Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil some tomatoes (as we pulled away from their home I thought to myself, I love stopping in to see my Auntie and Uncle, no matter for how long or short a time it might be), and doing some shopping at Walmart, we headed back home late this afternoon.

Back in Wiarton we dropped on over to the Salvation Army to where we deposited a turkey the "Crabby Cabbie" donated for their upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner this Saturday.

I am not certain if they have reached their requirement of Turkey donations yet, however Winter Clothing would always be appreciated.  Contact either Tess or Gayle, both wonderful ladies who are a great asset to the Volunteers in our Community, as any Volunteer is in any.

I could not believe I had once again left my camera behind this day.  I must have really been "out of it" to have let that happen.  Once we had dropped the Turkey off, we went home for me to gather my camera and return back to the Salvation Army Community Church as there was lots of "Power Behind the Making of Pies" going on there for the ....

As soon as I walked in the door I had been tempted to scoop up a freshly made homemade pumpkin or apple pie.  Look at all those wonderful Volunteers !  For those there who had not been an Optimist Club Member, you can be sure a they had been a friend or family member of a Club Member.

Unfortunately some people do not realize how much work goes on "behind the scenes" of Fundraisers.  As you can tell from the photos below Pies do not make themselves, especially when they are Homemade from Scratch.

There is "fun" in being a volunteer, especially with the camaraderie that is often found within many a Service Group.  The "Smiling Face" is my friend, Lynn, the "Hold Up the Pie" gal is my friend, Gayle.  Me?  I am just the "drop in to chat and take photos" girl, but I so do love seeing everyone (and chatting).

Every behind the scenes project has its "blooper", does it not?  Cindy's "blooper" was a Pumpkin Pie doing a "flip flop" as she was taking it out of the oven.  Oopses .... thanks for posing with your "oops" Cindy.

I am so grateful I was able to stop in to see the "Power Behind the Making of Pies" this day.  As I have said many times before, and will many times again, there would not be much of a World without the Volunteers who back it.  My motto stands true ...

~ Unity Creates Community ~

Another day has almost passed by me.  Tomorrow hopefully the rain is done, taking along everyone's migraines with it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. A tremendous amount of work goes into those fundraisers. And it's a good cause.

    Get your rest!

  2. omg Cindy, I so owe you for posting that pic of me with the lovely hair net~!!! lol but thanks for the club publicity too.

  3. Pies are a HUGE amount of work. Peeling apples (if that's what your making), making dough, putting it together, baking and then cleaning up the huge mess is an all day affair. Kudos to the volunteers!

    I'm so sorry you have so much trouble with migraines. I do hope things improve for you... I suppose you see the doctor all the time about medication... but if you haven't, perhaps it's time for a change?

    My Dave has had a lot less migraines since we've been in Alberta. The air is so much drier.

    You're not on blood pressure medication are you? Dave was taking Atanol (sp?) and it's known to cause migraines. He switched to a different BP med and that helped. Also, he goes to the chiropractor frequently because if his neck is out of sorts, or his back, he gets headaches. Hope it helps!!!! ox

  4. I always feel better after reading your blog, I want you to know that... and you are so right about volunteers... in fact, that's a great subject for an upcoming blog post!


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