Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sleep & NO Migraine Made For A Great Day !

I was the happiest girl this morning when I got out of bed at 7 pm.  I did not sleep all night, but I slept better then I have for a long time, and NO Migraine today ... whoop whoop !!!

I had to shake a leg to get a move on this morning.  I finally made it out the door landing at the door of the Wiarton Chamber office at 9:05 to attend the bi-monthly meeting.  Even though I am not a Board Member, I do enjoy sitting in on the Chamber Meetings (as any member can do so) as I find it to be a learning experience in more ways then one.

Once the meeting was over I had to run back home, as I was taking over the Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle at 11 am while our Crabby Driver John was gone on an out-of-town run.  Before lunch I managed to head down to the Wiarton Salvation Army to meet up with Tess Hutt and Mary Millar.

The Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" donated a Turkey for the Wiarton Salvation Army's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner & Winter Clothes Give Away this upcoming Saturday.  Should  you ever have the opportunity to meet Tess and Mary, I hope you find them as delightful and giving as I have always found them to be, and always more then grateful.

Tess called me later this day to let me know their needs for Turkeys have now been met, however potatoes, root vegetables and dinner rolls would still be appreciated, as well as any Winter Clothes donation.  Contact information for donations as below.

I made a couple of stops out and about Wiarton to drop off a couple Chamber membership packages, and also took a bit of time out to gaze upon a local project I favour.

The house renovation of the house on the South Hill as you head North into Wiarton has been moving right along.  They have began the reconstruction of the one part of the roof which is my most favourite ... is that not the coolest turret you have ever seen?

I later received a phone call to take one of our regular Crabby Cabbie customers shopping to the local Foodland.  While waiting for her to do her shopping my friend, Koreen, treated us to a Tim Horton's coffee, so I hung out with her for a bit today.

I am really  happy I hung out with Koreen, as Ram Trophies & Sportswear can be quite the "happening" place some days.

Here is Koreen, herself, Vicki of Explore the Bruce, Visitor, Michael Zhang, and Danielle of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.  Everyone was having fun trying on some Official Wiarton Willie Gear at Ram Trophies & Sportswear.  I was more then impressed with Vicki being able to tie a "tie" ... good job, Vicki !

Michael is Owner/Chief Consultant of Michael Cultural Communication.  Michael is will be speaking at a Bruce County Tourism Workshop here in Wiarton tomorrow.  He will be addressing the topic of Understanding Chinese Tourists and Marketing to them.

I had an invite to the Workshop tomorrow morning, however unfortunately I have other commitments and will have to pass up on this one.  Dang it all !

By the time I picked back up my fare from Foodland to deposit her back at home it was 6 pm. Home again to have a coffee with my hubby, and a chat up about this and that with our Wiarton driver, before I knew it, it was 7:00 pm.

Rob just got a phone call now at 8:12 that our "gang" just landed back home at the Kitchener Airport !!!  Whoot hoot, can't wait to see them all again.  I am even happier to have received a phone call they are all safe and sound.

YIKES !  there sits Rob after making himself a hot dog, or two, with me still having to think about my own Dinner, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I think they should elect you as a board member next year (especially if you deliver packages for them :) I'm glad your "gang" is going to be there very soon!

  2. Looks like the "gang" had a good time in Western Canada. We will be in Wiarton (well Lake Charles, I should say) on Thursday and staying for the whole weekend, to help Anita with the open house and then have our Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday. Barry just informed me we are going to the boat tomorrow and sleeping over as it "on the way". Well both Midland and Wiarton are on Georgian Bay so I guess he is right. I won't look at the map to prove a point. Hope to see you out there on the weekend, unless your "gang" get to your house and keeps you busy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving at any rate. Hope you have more "pain-free" days with this lovely weather coming up for the next while.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Now take care of yourself!

  4. I love that you are documenting that house. I have passed it for so man years fearing that it was beyond repair and would be torn down. I kept waiting for that lightning rod to lean so far it would fall off. Do you know any history of that house?


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