Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Short & Sweet

I was up and at it with a plan in my head.  Have I not learned by now not to make plans, apparently not ?  I was all geared up to get tons of stuff done today, however other plans had been made for me, but I did get  my bed made.

I had to "cover" Wiarton for our Crabby Cabbie driver today.  Really it wasn't busy, it is just you think you can start something and you might get a call in the middle of it.

I had nicely gotten settled into organizing the bookwork that needs done and entered on the book by the end of this Month, and get a Chicken broth simmering on the stove top before I got a call.

 When I had returned from the Out-of-Town call, I took advantage of being downtown Wiarton to make some personal calls to drop off a few Crabby Cabbie cards to a couple of places.  While I was down at the Wiarton Chamber Office, I was thrilled Wiarton Willie had been out having his breakfast.

He truly is a cute little guy, and really not too shy whatsoever.  There had been about 5 people milling around taking pictures.  He was so busy eating corn and carrots he could have cared less.

There had also been more progress done on beautiful home located on the South Hill of Wiarton.  Definitely not a job for someone like myself who is scared of heights.  Thanks to the Wiarton Echo for the following article on this home: 

Late this afternoon when Rob had returned home, he went out into the garden with me to pick some more tomatoes, as there is rain in the forecast for the next few upcoming days.  I am hoping once I get the Crabby Cabbie books done I will find time to do down some Stewed Tomatoes for this upcoming Winter.  I never had canned Stewed Tomatoes left from year to year, as I love using them in sauces, soups and stews.

I have to say how amazed I am at how fast the number of LIKES the Wiarton Facebook page has received over the past week.  It has well surpassed 500 LIKES.  Do you live in Wiarton, have ties to Wiarton, or vacation and drive thru Wiarton?  Then please give its Facebook Page a great big LIKE by doing so HERE.

Rob recorded last night's episode of The "Voice".  I am off to watch that with him before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I love the look of that house. Still picking tomatoes here as well. Can't believe how nice the weather has been.

  2. Oh Cindy that is great about all the likes I am not surprised. The weather has changed now I do hope winter is not right around the corner. Hug B

  3. Wiarton Willie is very cute!
    Aimee from craftmates

  4. I finally saw this house when Anita and I were in town early Monday morning. Such a grand lady, too bad she was allowed to get into disrepair before the renovations began. I was thinking it would be a great bed and breakfast. Enjoyed the story.


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