Friday, 11 October 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Jitters

I had a list as long as my two arms combined that I wanted to accomplish today.  Did I accomplish my list? of course not as I was covering for my Crabby Cabby today (again).  How does someone not have escalated Pre-Thanksgiving Jitters when your "list" gets messed with.

I was happy I had not missed the very last Market of the Season for the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  I have attended ever Friday Market since the beginning of the Season, never missing one.  Last Friday when it had been pouring rain, I ran a package into the Market Manager, Abby Miners, so this I count as being there, as I was actually there "in person"

I must say I was very happy the choice to move the Wiarton Farmer's Market from its previous years Bluewater Park location to the Wiarton downtown location in the Berford Street Parkette as it was an absolute crucial move for the Market.  This year the Market was more accessible to downtown businesses, whose employees found time to slip up on their lunchtime or breaks to make purchases, also drawing the downtown consumer to buy Market wares.  Lots of parking is readily available in the lots behind the downtown core.  Great "move" Wiarton Farmer's Market !

It was so very tempting not to purchase these delectable pies this morning.  What I did purchase, for my friend Toni with an "i" were these 2 bottles of Maple Syrup.  Miners' Maple Products have their end of Season, buy one and receive the lesser priced product for 1/2 price.  A really sweet deal to take advantage of either for yourself, or as gifts.   Miners' Maple Products will be at the Owen Sound and Lion's Head Markets tomorrow morning... drop around to see them if you are in either of those areas.  Tell them I personally sent you *smile*.

Coming back from town the fog had been rolling in causing a very heavy veil at some locations.  It had not stayed too long with the Sun out in full force and the Holiday weekend traffic arriving in droves. 

One of my girlfriend's birthday is today.  I hope your day was awesome, Colleen ! xx

I was kind of sad I was unable to see here in person today, and had to make do with a phone call to her.  Life is such and I had my day pretty much used up until 5:30 this afternoon with sporadic calls all day, a trip into Owen Sound, and then meeting up with Rob before the MTO office closed to get our new van changed over from the Trip Permit we had on it to permanent plates.  Busy, busy, busy ...

Dinner?  nothing too exciting but toasted leftover pork roast sandwiches.  They hit the spot, and the pork needed using up since there will be leftover Turkey in our very near future.

My dear Rob is on Aussie duties tonight while I get my blog post finished up here, as I still have some vacuuming to do tonight since tomorrow morning I will be busy with Thanksgiving preparations.

This should be every day, should it not? not just on Thanksgiving Day.

How has everyone, who signed up, been doing on the 52 Week Money Challenge?  This will be Week 42.  As anyone can tell I had been a little behind and had to play catch-up on Weeks 37 to 40 ... *blush*.

Any great plans for the end of the Challenge for those who are still on-board?  I am still giving it much thought, as there are so many things we could use it for, like a new window for our bedroom or kitchen, or re-decorating our bedroom which needs down so badly, or paying down our mortgage, or buying new living room furniture ... the list could be endless !

Endless? so is my list that had not even got started on this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy~ Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving:) Have a slice of pie for me....doesn't matter what kind! haha Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines
    PS: The maple syrup you sent is Delicious.....and my hubby and I already finished the chocolates:)

  2. Ah leftover turkey indeed...

    I will be spending the evening with friends. We're cooking a roast, since none of us are partial to turkey.


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