Friday, 18 October 2013

Not Much Of This or That & Very Little Of Anything.

Unfortunately I almost had an "all nighter" with Mr Insomnia.  Finally around 3 am I got out of bed, after first being up and down a few times beforehand.  Rob joined me around 4:30 am.  I was wishing for Facebook friends to show up to play a game of Scrabble with me, and Rob watched sitcom shows he had pre-recorded.

Rob? he went back to bed after an hour of being up until almost 8 am.  Me? once up I am usually up for the day.

We had to be out the door by 8:30 am as we both had an appointment at 9:00 am..  It was unfortunate that appointment never happened as we had to be back to Wiarton by 10:00 as Rob was working, and had someone covering for him.  It is very difficult to sometimes get things covered when you have your own business, as customers depend and rely on you.  That is why you are in business and keep certain hours as to be their for your customers.

Rob dropped me off at home while he went on his way to the call he had to do.  He stayed to work the Wiarton area today, which was a nice "change up" for him to be close to home and come home in between calls.

I had another awful Migraine, so you can be sure the pressure has once again shifted with a change in weather just around the corner.

Since I could barely see out of my eyes, there was no going forward with doing up the remainder of the Crabby Cabbie's bookwork this day.  The clutter on the dining room table has been bugging as much as the paperwork needing done was.  Not much else got done, but I made certain the table was cleared and dusted off properly this day.

Although there is much in this house inside and out needing attention, regardless of how I might be feeling there are certain things that just HAVE to be done !!!

While making a pass around dusting the side of the dining room table closet to the China Cabinet (which is also in dire need of being dusted out), I stop to admire its contents.

I could not resist taking out my favourite Tea Cup.  This is a Tea Cup my Great Aunt Lizzie gave me for Christmas many, many years ago.  I really do love it, as well as the wonderful memories it has me thinking back on about my Auntie Lizzie.   Do you have a favourite item in your China Cabinet you enjoy admiring closely from time to time?

I did make a trip out to our mailbox to retrieve our mail, to be pleasantly surprised to find ...

... free Samples I am lucky enough to get from time to time, if I should be quick enough before they have all been spoken for.  It is nice to get free samples to "try before you buy", is it not?  I had also gotten a new debit card from our bank, RBC.  This I did not order, but when opening I found it was a new card which provided the Interac Flash.  Not certain I like the idea of a "flash" card that does not require a PIN # to be used.  Should someone come across my card, without me realizing it has gone missing, it would be my understanding from what I read that they could use the card up to $200.00 before a PIN # is required.  I think I will be calling RBC to remove this option from my card (as they do give you the option of removing it).

Rob and I did have to make a trip into Wiarton together today.  I had to stop into the Drug Store, and then we made a trip into Bennett's.  Rob has a young customer and his Mother who he has been transporting for over a year now.  At Easter we put this young man together an Easter Basket.  With Halloween just around the corner, we though we would put together a Treat Bag for him too.

We limited the amount of Candy, to include some Dinosaur stickers and other non-sweet items as well.  What eight year old doesn't like Dinosaurs? 

A longtime Facebook friend of mine had sent me a message this morning, pointing out there was a Video posted I might enjoy watching.  She was definitely right about that, as both Rob and I had enjoyed it..  I thought maybe it would be a great "share" for all you Pet Lovers out there to also enjoy at the following link:

Thanks Cheryl !

Another friend, this one a Blogger friend, has recently published her first novel as an E-Book.  The article about its release can be found HERE.  And how on Earth would you get to learn more about yet another of my talented Blogger friends?  by way of dropping over to read all about it yourself by going HERE.  Way too go Cathy !!!  I can't wait until it is out in "hard copy" so I can myself a copy of Green Eggs & Weezie for my very own, since I don't do E-Books (sorry).

By the way, I just happen to LOVE "Pinky & The Brain" watching all their Saturday morning cartoons when my youngest boy was at the Cartoon Age/Stage in his life.

Should there be LOTS of grammar and/or spelling mistakes, or more then usual? so sorry, too bad, too tired to be anywhere sad about it.  *smile*

Truly it was a "not much of this or that & very little of anything" kind of a day here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Awww.. you and your poor migraines! :( Hugs!! Hope it goes away and you get a FULL nights sleep tonight!! LOVE that teacup.. just beautiful! It would be my favourite too!!

  2. It is a lovely cup!

    Get your rest while you can.

    "What are we going to do tomorrow night Brain?"
    "Same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world!"

  3. Oh Cindy darn it no sleep and a migraine that is awful I do hope you are feeling better soon. That Cathy is one funny lady I can't wait till the hardcopy either. Take care. Hug B

  4. Love the dogs and cats - fantastic. I feel for you so much with the insomnia Cindy. I'm going to do some research.....xx

  5. Pretty cup! I have a favourite plate simply because of the story behind it.
    Jane x

  6. I'm like you, once I'm up, I'm up. But 4:30???? Eegads....
    Hey! Thanks for the book promo! I owe ya!!!! :)


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