Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Man Down !

I was not the only one without sleep last night, as my Rob joined me in a sleepless evening, his caused by terrible unbearable pain in his side that has been ongoing for over a week.

We believe the freezing the Good Doctor had administered him last Thursday had finally worn off half through out yesterday, that and driving in a small cramped vehicle probably topped things off as well.

This morning?  Our driver, John, headed out to cover Rob's shift, while I covered John's here in Wiarton today.  By 10 am I was dropping Rob off to the Wiarton Hospital's Emergency Department.  Rob was not able to get an Ultra Sound until 2 pm.  Neither Ultra Sound or X-Ray showed anything, so I picked him up shortly after 2 pm to transport him to Owen Sound Hospital where they were waiting for his arrival to get a Cat Scan done (the machine is obviously fixed again, and hopefully so for my 3rd schedule appt. next Monday).

While leaving Rob, I headed out to Springmount to pickup a parcel that had been heading to Owen Sound.  This way our driver had more time to turn around to head back to Saugeen Shores rather then take up more time going through Owen Sound's downtown core in traffic.  I delivered the package.  By the time I was done Rob had been done and ready to go back to the Wiarton Hospital.

When Rob got to see the Doctor again the good news was it was something not life threatening, but the bad news was that he had some badly torn muscles in his left side.

The wretched old John Deere Lawn tractor Rob had loaded a couple of week ago to trade in had gotten the best of him, and then helping to load a tank with my Cousin a few days later probably just added insult to injury.


As anything torn, it will be taking a good few weeks for these muscles to heal according to the Emergency Doctor today.  Rob will be taking a few days off from work this week.

I am exhausted now, and I am certain by the end of this week I will be ready to drop.  Never mind the 3 months of book work piled up waiting to be done much sooner then later as it is Quarter End again.  Did I mention Thanksgiving is also just around the corner ...... ARGGGGGGGHHHH !

I am feeling BEYOND tired and overwhelmed.  Could someone send a  "Help Me Out" Fairy God-Mother my way please ???

I have dishes to do, Aussies to take in and out, and then hopefully a bed to fall into sooner then later, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh no! Poor guy. He must be in agony.
    You and Rob are just working too hard my friend. I know the responsibilities that come with running your own small business, but not at the expense of your well being. Please take care of yourselves!
    Luv and Huggies to you both - Karen

  2. Oh my goodness Cindy, so sorry to hear about Rob's illness. I sure hope he is feeling better soon. You take care too or you will be lying in that chair right beside him :-)

  3. Torn muscles FLIPPING hurt! Take care of yourselves.
    Jane x

  4. Torn muscles are no fun at all...

  5. Aww gee folks, hope you both feel better soon...

  6. oh dear me this isn't good, wish I were closer, then I could help you out.

  7. Ouch, pulled muscles hurt and can take time to feel better again. Use heat and lots of rest. Hope he feels better real soon.......Bess


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