Monday, 21 October 2013

Mental Disorders? Friends?

I have been finding there is a lot of truth to the above when it comes to some of my friends lately.  Remember the photo I posted of myself yesterday with the hat I absolutely LOVE and was so happy to receive from my friend Toni with an "i"?  well she has herself a husband, by the name of Bob, (who apparently we recently found out is somehow related to me through marriage somehow) who has some kind of disorder.  I will let a few others then myself be the judge of what type of disorder it might be once they view the following photos he was posting last evening on Facebook:

Apparently I have gone from enjoying taking photos to promoting pickles, and then onto promoting Bob's favourite food in the World.  This is nothing, the one that takes the whole Enchilada is ....

... when Toni emailed me this one this morning.  Now this I am really really afraid to "caption".  

Not only am I afraid to "caption" the above, I am wondering if I should be more afraid of my friends having more serious mental issues then myself.  It is a scary World I live in some days ...

Now back to more serious things like the day I just had myself, right?  Ha ! that would almost bore anyone to tears I am certain.

Truly this was most of the day, as it has been the last few days.  Am I happy about these rainy days? you darn tootin' I am, as it not Snow (but there have been lots of rumblings about that appearing later this week, so I have been hearing through the grapevine).

Other then having to go out once this day to cover for our Wiarton driver, my day mostly consisted of ....

.... The "Crabby Cabbie" book work.  See, Bandit wasn't even impressed about it today.  But really I am happy happy happy, as I plowed through it all and finished the remaining two months that needed doing !!!  

Truly there is Life After Book Work ....

With there only being a slight drizzle I took out the Aussies, one by one, to enjoy the last few remains of the gardens.

Lexus, as does Mercedes as well, always enjoy the Bounties of the Garden.  The look of satisfaction is difficult not to notice all over Lexus' face, is it not?

Rob did not arrive home until well after 6:00 pm this evening, which was just as well since I did not get the last of the paperwork done up until very late afternoon.  Dinner this evening? my old reliable "stand-by" of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast was cooked and served up this evening.

Truly I am feeling much better with that book work out of the way (until next time), making me wonder why do I procrastinate so badly on such things, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh boy, such photoshopping!

    I'm afraid Bob is bonkers. All the most interesting people are.

  2. Hahaha...Awesome pictures :)


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