Monday, 7 October 2013

Just One Of Those Days !

It has been just one of those days.  How has it been in your part of the World?

I was awake and up by 3 am this morning.  I was showered and dressed before 5:30 am.  I was having my first coffee with my husband before 6 am.  I had a terrible migraine upon awakening that I finally rid myself of after the Lunch Hour, thank goodness.

For the past couple of weeks I have been on the search for a small fuel efficient vehicle for us.  Even though our 2003 GMC Venture Van gets excellent fuel mileage, I think I might be a bit more comfortable with something a bit on the smaller side for Winter driving.

Have you ever gone "Pre-Owned Vehicle" shopping?  of course Rob and I have quite frequently the past couple of years since beginning the Crabby Cabbie business.  We have had some extremely good luck at times, but other times we have been "burned" badly on taking a person at their word.

When out looking for car last week we ended up purchasing the 2007 Pontiac Montana Van for a future Crabby Cabbie vehicle replacement.  So much for me getting a mid-size vehicle.

It is very frustrating going through the Used Vehicle ads available thorough Kijiji to find out something very promising has already been sold, usually hours before I made contact myself, and not deleted, or setting up an appointment to view to drive a considerable distance to find out the Seller has not disclosed some pretty important information about their vehicle.  It is really important to tell the prospective buyer that the windshield is cracked, or the surface rust is really a huge hole taking out half a fender with it ... and I could go on and on with past experiences.

Our most recent challenge of this day was making contact with someone who had a vehicle I thought would suit our purposes almost to a "T".  I even contacted our Son, Paul's, long time friend who happens to be a licensed mechanic with a Kitchener-Waterloo Volkswagen dealer, who in-turn confirmed it would be a good choice of vehicle for my required needs, and well within what I was willing to pay, at the same time getting good value for my money.

Well after numerous emails back and forth it has almost been impossible to set up a date and time to even view this vehicle.  I am thinking this is one of the reasons it is still "for sale".  Again this was yet another vehicle wherein it had not been disclosed in the ad that there was also a "crack" in the windshield, and I had never learned of this until how many emails later....  really people could you not disclose this to save people miles of travelling to only find out the "said" vehicle would also need a windshield replaced to certify it !  I am happy I dug further with my inquiries via the emails.

Oh man .... we are buying pre-owned because we want a good deal, cannot afford a brand new vehicle and do not have thousands of dollars to sink into a pre-owned vehicle after already spending a few thousand to begin with its purchase and what it takes to certify it.

*Sigh* something I have been doing a lot since beginning this quest of mine, not to mention how long I have been squirrelling a $10.00 bill here, and a $5.00 bill there, and a couple of $20's away for some time now before I began this search.

This happens to be the "said" vehicle, that if it is meant to be ever, I will be lucky to have it sitting in our driveway and on the road mid-November?  

I really am a firm believer that if something is meant to happen it will be, or not be.  

Sometimes things have turned out not very well, but I also try to get over the nastiness of the moment and take a lesson from it (this is difficult to do sometimes, especially for me since I tend to chew on things for quite some time before I spit them out).

I hope I always "try" my very best to practice this .... 

... although being Human and far from "perfect" I find myself at times slipping, but rein myself back in as quickly as possible (I hope).

Oh before I end this day, my friend Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products, requested a SHOUT OUT since it is the end of the Farmer's Market Season for them this upcoming weekend, so here it goes:

Most of our customers know we do a customer appreciation sale at the end of our Out door markets which happens to be this weekend coming, THANKSGIVING. What a perfect time to thank all of you our customers for your support of local food!!!! 

This is just your heads up to let you know we are going to be doing a by one get one 1/2 price (one of equal or lesser value).

So whether you see us at Wiarton Farmers' Market on Friday or Owen Sound Farmers' Market and Lion's Head Farmers' Market on Saturday. We appreciate your support and Thank You!! 

BOGO!!! Here is hoping for a sunny Long weekend!!

Abby most certainly knows how to handle her jugs, jugs of Maple Syrup that is, so drop around to one of the local Markets to get yourself some Maple Syrup Products.

I also feel like my day was such a downer like the weather, so a little chuckle is always in need is it not? especially for all us Dog Lovers out there.  Drop on over to my Blogger friend's blog to have a *smile* or two at the following link:

Thanks William, no matter how bad a day I might ever have I can always be certain of a *smile* when dropping over to see you at "Speak of the Devil".

Oh my I just slipped into my email and opened a couple from our Paul.  They are making their way back to Calgary today to fly back home tomorrow, and I have had the laugh of the month !!!

Ha ! here is my baby, heavy on the "baby" boy, and my big boy, grandson, Aiden (the one in the tire of course).  This really made my day.  Thanks Son xx

I am off and running, hopefully to a nice warm bed and a good night's sleep, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Thank you very much for posting the link! I will have another pair of dog and cat blogs up before month's end with Hallowe'en in mind.

    I could never see the point to buying new. You buy something that instantly loses thousands in value.

    And I must agree with the Dalai Lama...

  2. Oh Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun it looks like the weather is going to be good for us all. Love your Grandson in the tire:) Hug B

  3. that's neat the last two photos of the family. I had one of those days yesterday, glad to get it over with!!!

  4. Today the sun is shining,better for everyone I think.

  5. Vehicle buying can be a real headache.......headache, hmmmm?
    I'm so thankful my newest two vehicles were literally handed to us by family members who were trading up.
    The sun is shining today! Yeayeah yeah!

  6. Hey! We have a vehicle for sale! But it's sitting in our driveway in, um, Alberta, so it's a little bit of a ways to drive! ;) Oh, and guess what? IT HAS A CRACKED WINDSHIELD! hahahahahaha!


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