Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Come Please Mr. Sandman

It has truly been one very long day, as I have been awake and up since before 3:00 am.  Sleep has been robbed from me once again, but hopefully I am feeling "dead" enough on my feet after this day I will have naught another date with Mr Insomnia this night.  Come please Mr. Sandman.

When it was finally light enough Buddy and I went around the property for our morning walk, as you can tell by our tracks through the frost covered grass.  The Sun had risen in the East, kissing the Sunflower Beacons with their now heavy heads.

The "Crabby Cabbie" also got off to a start early this day, also being kissed by the early morning Sun.

After a bit of running here and there this morning, I stopped around to our friends place.

My friend, Lisa, had just purchased her nephew's vehicle, discovering quite the pile of change underneath the driver's seat.  While I was there she opened the back door of the passenger's side of the vehicle to find a whole bag of change.  Pay dirt baby !!!  

Lisa sent me a text earlier this evening to let me know the count of "found" money had totaled $66.00.  Not a bad little haul for a newly acquired vehicle.  I am lucky if I have ever found a quarter in any I have previously purchased, as I am certain their owners when through them with a fine tooth comb before I was.

Just before lunch time I had deposited a basket off to my Auntie and Uncle's home.  I had to take photos to prove I was "good to my word" and had not forgotten my promise.  My poor tired brain is grateful for my photos to jog the memory cells most days.

Unfortunately Rob and I made another "Crabby Cabbie" business trip on down the line this afternoon.  This will be the 4th within a week.  It gets to be quite tiring at times, especially if these trips turn out to be "uneventful", as this day was.  The bonus is we do get to spend time together, however tired we both might be.  And look there, it never ceases to amaze me how a tiny little Ladybug can travel so well on a fast moving vehicle?  hmmm, why is that ?

Another amazing photo of Wiarton Willie was captured today by Wiarton Chamber Staff Member, Mandy Seboc, and posted to the Wiarton Facebook Page.   Great photo, Mandy & thanks for sharing.  Quite the handsome "dude" Willie is, is he not?  The good news is he is not hibernating yet !  Hooray !!!

The one time I was at Wiarton Willie's home this Summer, he was out and I did NOT have my camera with me .... oh man what "poopy" luck.  Speaking off poopy, Rob sent off an email this evening to Uncle Basil, the "smartest man in Port Elgin", so he makes claim to, with an attachment of Uncle's vehicle along with it.  It was as follows:

Based on the condition of Uncle's little car today, Rob thinks that a $100.00 offer for his vehicle is more then fair considering the birds do not even have much respect for it .  Poop, poop, poop ...

Signed, Your Crabby Nephew-in-Law

Oh man those men love their kibitzing, do they not? Hahaha ....

Information on the History of the Wiarton Home being restored, as requested Chania.  Check out this link, Courtesy of the Wiarton Echo:

I have a very busy couple of days ahead of me trying to prepare for this upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend. I get in such a dither I hardly know where to begin. It will be what it will be, and what will get done will get done. 

I really think I am either busier, slower, or just way much older now that I can't seem to keep caught up with all I used to do. This reality, or one of them or any combination, drives me right "around the bend" most days, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Drink tea to relax before bed.

    Willie looks quite distinguished!

  2. I'm sure you've tried all those herbal sleep remedies, but if not........I do hope you sleep tonight Cindy. x


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