Thursday, 24 October 2013

Chilled Into Changed Up Plans Again !

I woke up thinking I had a whole day ahead of me to commit myself to cleaning my shambles of a house, a scheduled walk with a friend, then an outing with another friend later in the day.  Forward I went with my day.

I did not really admire the mess on my deck first thing, but my Auntie will admire I took out my "big calendar" to mark appointments on it (now to remember to check it will be the next feat).

The snow did not stay long.  I could not but help admire our Manitoba Red Maples.  It will not be long before our trees will  find themselves "naked".

My day I had planned for "me" got as far as a load of darks put into the washer, the bed made, and a few stray dishes in the sink done up before I realized I was covering "again" for The "Crabby Cabbie" again this day.  How many days has that been already this week? and had I not just did 3 months of his paperwork already for him?  

Good thing Rob and I have a good marriage, as I am not sure where the one I have with The "Crabby Cabbie" is going with all this "overload" that has been directed my way lately ... ha !

It was with regret I had to call my one friend to cancel our walk, and by early afternoon I found myself contacting the other friend to cancel our 5 pm plans, as by that time I was feeling exhausted and had gotten myself a chill.  I knew by the time I was to meet up with Rob for our appointment just before 5 pm, I would be "done by dinner", wanting nothing more to come home, have a bite to eat, do this post, and go to bed.  My plans this day? gone to Hell in a Handbag, except for ....

Jennifer Crawley is a self-taught artist, who has set up house in Wiarton.  She was having her first Open House today from 5 to 8 pm.  Since I was under the weather, I called to see if she could see me at 4 pm.  This way I could carry on with my, once again, changed plans for the day.  Jennifer was more then accommodating.

Located behind Wiarton's Main Street, I entered off of Lousia Street.  Very easy to find with such an awesome work of Art  displayed at the building in front of the entrance.  I was thrilled to have Artist Jennifer Crawley explain her passions to me.

Jennifer's artwork is vast in what she has covered from a Cuba collection to Georgian Bay paintings, all vivid and very much alive !

Jennifer is well worth the follow on her Facebook page by going HERE, as well as on her Website you may find HERE.  Jennifer welcomes private bookings and/or viewings by appointment, please feel free to contact her at 519-534-9522, as I can almost guarantee you will be as delighted by this energetic talented young lady as I was.

Wiarton should be so lucky to have yet another talented person within its folds.  Welcome Jennifer !

I was just finishing up my visit with Jennifer when my phone rang.  Right on schedule, just before 5 pm, Rob had arrived in Town for our appointment.

As I walked down to meet Rob where he was parked, I could not help but think Remembrance Day is not too far away now.  I had also been surprised to find a Clematis still in bloom at this time of year, regardless of its sheltered home.  I found Rob with no problem, but he had spotted me at about the same time I "snapped" his picture, and again, this time ignoring that I was even there with the camera, as we sat waiting for our appointment.

Today our Mortgage was due to be renewed.  I think I have lived the last 20+ years looking forward to being Mortgage Free, and hoping I will be young enough to still enjoy life when that happens.  We have 6 more years, unfortunately taking us a couple years past "Freedom 55", unless we have a windfall happen our way.

Really there are so many others not as comfortable in Life, so to complain when I should be grateful on how far Rob and I have made it together in our 19 years together this upcoming Saturday, I think we have done exceptionally well together as a "tag" team all those years.

I still have a chill in my bones I need to rid myself of.  I am thinking a hot bath and a warm bed might be the next order of my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Can't wait to look at your friend's website... and hope you get over your chill up there in the Great White North!

  2. Jennifer's work is very vivid!

    We haven't had snow as of yet- unless it's snowing as I write this- but it's just a matter of time.

  3. Heading for a hot bath and a warm bed also, Cindy. All this snow sure makes one feel like hunkering down early. More forecast for tomorrow. :(

  4. Hi Cindy, I saw a really interesting piece on a program here called 'Trust me I'm a Doctor'. It was about treating migraines with Botox. Is that something you know about. The results were miraculous for some people but I missed the beginning where it said exactly how they administer it! No snow for us yet either......VERY wet and extremely windy but pretty mild. x

    1. YIKES ! is botox not suppose to be scary stuff, Em? Will have to google it, I will. Thanks. x


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