Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Busy But Amazing & Fun It Was

Did I begin this day in an early to me usual manner? of course I did at 5:00 am.  Am I tired now? of course I am but it was a good day as I have finish up another busy day, however it was amazing and fun ....

I had an invite to get together with a friend over at Rural Rootz in Wiarton (drop in on their website to see them yourself by going HERE, as I guarantee you will not be disappointed).  Somewhere I have passed many times in the past 10 years, however never getting around to stopping in at.  Really could anyone believe I never got around to stopping in somewhere in my Community? that is amazing in itself, is it not?  

Once my first commitment of the day was completed, I headed out to Country Road 13, which is the way you would head over to Oliphant from Hwy 6 at the top of the Wiarton North Hill ... very easy peasy to find and get to.

Once I arrived at Rural Rootz, I headed up the windy road into the forest towards a visit with my friend, Janet of  Some might remember seeing Janet on my blog posts a couple of times before, most recently this past Spring 2013 HERE.  We had a really great visit, and I am looking forward to when we can have another.

Not only did I have an amazing and fun visit with Janet, I also had the pleasure of meeting Dianne Adams. 

Dianne is getting to be quite well known  about & about in South Bruce Peninsula by her "Strike a Pose".  Janet and I "struck a pose" for Dianne today, however we are yet to see the photo she took.  YIKES it could be scary !!! but it really was fun at the time.  Dianne has a brand new Yoga DVD she has just released ~ YOGA with Dianne Adams, "Stretch & Flow" ~.  For a copy of Dianne's DVD, please give Janet a call out at Rural Rootz the next month at 519-534-2522.  Copies are only $15.00 each.  You can easily follow Dianne on Facebook by doing so HERE.

The remainder of the day was spend in travel by representing the "Crabby Cabbie" out and about Wiarton.  I went to a couple of places that I was familiar with, and not too familiar with.

Once place I was being "watched" very carefully, while at the other it seemed as if I was all alone other then a "hole" way out yonder.  

I am certain the Sunshine in the above photo is quite noticeable, however most of the late afternoon had been getting intermittent periods of wet cold snow, with no exception at the moment this late in the day.  Between wet snow and hail, it really has been another much cooler day.  I am so NOT ready for Winter.

Since I did not get home until late afternoon, I had been grateful that I had leftover cooked chicken thighs in the fridge.  What to do with these leftovers?  easy peasy ....

... chopped up fresh leeks and onion sauteed in a bit of oil, added to turnip and carrot that I had cooked up within 15 minutes in the Pressure Cooker, along with some Cauliflower, all mixed together with the chicken and a jar of turkey gravey, topped with a mixture of Bisquick and ....

... voila' a very tasty Dinner of Chicken Pot Pie was served up in just over an hour's time of combined prep and cooking times.

Today I had made plans in my head to visit with Janet, go to my other meeting in Hepworth, head over to Sauble Beach to visit with my girlfriend, Colleen, then drop in with some Kleenex for my Mom, before returning home to clean.

Have I learned yet NOT to make plans in my head or otherwise since it never fails that my "Crabby Cabbie" husband usually has a way to change them up on me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Chicken pot pie is always more than welcome on a cold day.

    I'm sure the dog was thinking, "now who's that?"


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