Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Another Reason To LOVE Sunflowers

This morning was very cold and frosty when I first opened the door before 8 am to step outside.  Cold enough that I did not want to stay out in it any longer then I had to.  
Finally by 8 am the Sun began making a more noticeable appearance in all its Glory and Beauty.

Last night I thought I would try a little bit different method of slow cooking a pumpkin in the Crock Pot.

This was exactly the same method I did yesterday, other then I did not peel the pumpkin or cut it into smaller pieces.  I was quite pleased with doing it this way as well.  

I found this method through google, finding it over at Happy Housewife,  HERE.  I have another pumpkin in the Crock Pot on LOW to cook tonight, with about 4 more or so pumpkins to go.  I can see Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies in the future.

I absolutely truly LOVE Sunflowers.  They intrigue me in almost every way imaginable from their thick stalks, huge flowered faces, droopy leaves and their amazing heights.  

Another reason to LOVE Sunflowers is what they attract at this time of Year, with the deep blue of the Blue Jays adding colour contrast to their stately beauty.  They keep my attention captured for many many moments from the time they sprout until they have fallen for the last time.

Despite how cold it was this morning, I still stripped our bedding and hung two loads of wash out on the line with hopes the Sun and breeze would dry it thoroughly.  I did not want to waste a day of Sunshine since the forecast holds more rain in the days ahead.

Early afternoon I was coming in with an empty laundry basket, when Bandit decided to come down the stairs knocking a Lily I had sitting at the top to be disposed of.  Immediately after this had happened Rob called to see if I could go do a run for him, and please leave right away.

Oh man, as I looked at the mess I was to come back home to, and then at the face that said, "you were the one who left the plant there for me to knock over".  Talk about adding "insult to injury" .... geesh, there was no way I could blame this one on Bandit.

I no sooner got home, nicely getting the "mess" cleaned up when I got called out again.  I called Rob to ask if he was home could he please collect the laundry from the line for me.  Thank goodness he did as I did not arrive back home until at least 6 pm.

We forged for ourselves for our dinners tonight.  I have the bed made up fresh, and am about ready to go enjoy it shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. After the cold start it ended up a lovely day yesterday.Poor old Bandit...he's getting that hangdog expression down pat!
    Jane x

  2. A beautiful sunrise!

    Ah, Bandit, can't quite get a streak of good luck, can you? Well, you're an adorable doggie regardless.


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