Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Sweet Compliment Came My Way

Today was again a very sad day for Saugeen First Nations and surrounding Communities.  Chester Ritchie will be missed by his family and many friends after his recent passing caused by a tragic mishap on a fishing boat.

Rob and I express our condolences with prayers going out to Gloria Ritchie, and her family this day and the days that are to follow to give them strength for the loss of a husband, father and friend to many in our Communities. RIP Chester as you now fly high with the Eagles in the Heavens embraced with Peace.

Photo Credit: Google Eagle Photos

Life is very precious.  I do my very best each day to try and remember to appreciate it.  I also try to be as kind as possible to others, even though I am certain I more then likely slip up more then I would like to admit.  All we can do is be aware and do our best, we should not ask more then this of ourselves nor anyone else, should we?

I think I slept rather fitfully finally last night, so much that I can't remember thinking that is a good indication that I did sleep.  I actually do not think I was out of bed until 6:30 am this morning.  That was really sleeping in for me!

I was out the door and off to Owen Sound by 9:30 am.  Once back from my little run, I made a couple stops downtown Wiarton to look for some blank Tape Cassettes.  Really they are a thing of the past, and not the easiest item to find anymore.

Once back home I had a bit of lunch before resorting to something I keep putting off as long as I possibly can.  I am certain I have promised myself a Million times I would not leave what I do not care to do to the last minute anymore.  At least I break my promises to myself, and hopefully not to another.

The weather today matched up with the chore at hand of book work pretty well this day.  I am happy to report I finished one whole month this afternoon (with at least 2 coffee breaks) and have only 2 more months to go !!!  I am pretty slow at it, and unfortunately my poor neck can only take so much at a time.  It is okay I am positive I will "get r' done" before the end of next week ... *sigh*.

Rob has been at me to make some Homemade Turkey Soup.  I had made Chicken Broth the other day just for this purpose.  Today was a perfect weather day to make Homemade soup for our Dinner.

I started chopping up the onions, carrots, celery, turnip, and of course leftover Turkey, to make ready for the pot of  waiting chicken stock.  All into the pressure cooker it went.  I am starting to LOVE my pressure cooker as much as I LOVE my Crock Pot !   Barely a half hour later and we were sitting down to  a bowl of Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup.  Yummmmmmmy it was some good.

When I had purchased my Lagostina BravaPressure Cooker a Year ago, it had been mainly in mind to cook fresh beets with it.  This Year I thought to myself, "why have another pot in the cupboard I barely use?", so I thought I would begin doing a bit of research on using the Pressure Cooker so I could get more use from it.  They even have a website for Using A Pressure Cooker for Dummys, which I have visited a few times already.  Check it out HERE.

I am loving it so much, I actually think I would want a larger one if there were more then just Rob and I living at home.

While Rob was enjoying his second bowl of soup, he gave me a sweet compliment on how good the soup was I had made by using the Pressure Cooker.  I really do appreciate his compliments, as much as him being my Guinea Pig  for new experiments and recipes from time to time, as much as he enjoys my cooking most days.  In the past 20 years of us being together, I am pretty certain there has never been a handful of complaints from Rob about my cooking.  Now other matters? I think I best not touch upon some of those subjects, right dear?

Rob was also very sweet this evening, as before he left for work he took care of all the Aussie's last Out & About for the day for me.  I also was kind enough to let him have a nice afternoon snooze by being as quiet as a mouse dong that dang, dang, triple dang Crabby Cabbie Book work.  Does he appreciate it? of course he does.

With the first wood stove fire of the Year to keep the dampness at bay this day, I am feeling as Snug as a Bug this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Awww.... that IS a sweet compliment. It must have been extra delicious soup! I am so sorry to hear about your friend Chester. Accidents are the worst - always so shocking, and you never get a chance to say good-bye. You're right - make the most of the time you have with loved ones - and always tell them you love them as they're going out the door. Sigh... By the way, good luck with that towering pile of paperwork!!!

  2. Ah, the rain. If only it would come down between midnight and six in the morning....


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