Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Little Done With LOTS More To Do !

Lots to do with the Eve of Thanksgiving Weekend almost upon us.  The Turkey was taken from its spot in the freezer and transferred to the fridge.  Mental grocery list in my head was gone over (maybe I should take to writing things down again, do I think?).  The bedding stripped, 2 loads of laundry washed and hung out on the line ... my day had begun.

I find when the kids come visiting, now there are 7 in total with Paul and his two boys, and now Liz with her two girls & one boy, that an extra Crock Pot Slow Cooker might come in handy for such times.  A slow cooker meal gives me more time to spend with the kids, and less time fussing in the kitchen.

It just so happened I came across an "almost" new original Crock Pot  on the Swap yesterday.  Rob was kind enough to scoop it up for me and bring it home.  Today I tried it out with a Pork Loin Roast.  A fine job it did, with the Roast falling apart full of goodness for our Dinner this evening.  What did I pay for this fine appliance? considering the last one I had bought at a garage sale for a good price of $15.00 .... I broke the bank on this one and paid a total of $4.00.  My kind of deal.

With dinner in the Crock Pot, I had a couple of errands downtown Wiarton to get done this morning.  I had to wash some floor mats from the basement, taking them down to the local car wash.  I washed our van at the same time.

Last night the Wiarton Facebook page had 500 LIKES on it !  What a milestone in a few short months since I set the page up this past May.  There also was a Give Away by the Wiarton Chamber for the page reaching 500 LIKES.  Two lucky people were the recipients of the Give Away.  I had been the person to deliver their winnings, so off course I had my camera with me.

Congratulations went out to Steve Holley and Lisa Shank, both of Wiarton.  Hopefully the Wiarton Facebook page continues to climb with the Community giving it more "thumbs up" with their LIKES.  Residents and Visitors are more then welcome to drop by to give the page their own like by *clicking* HERE.

This afternoon I gathered up a couple of things for Mother and headed down to Gateway Haven to have a visit with her.

Thursdays are Bingo day ... she spotted me at the door.  I went in to sit with her until Bingo was over.  Mom had no problem carrying the Bear I had brought her while we headed up in the elevator the floor her room is on.  I carried the new Poinsettias and Vase I had gotten her also.  Finally I was able to throw out the old poinsettias that were really really old and long overdue for being thrown out.

Mom loves her Bears.  Thanks Toni with an "i" for thinking of my Mom when you had came across the "big" plush Bear, as you can tell she loves him.  

It was late afternoon by the time I arrived back home.  I took all the Aussies out, also giving Bandit and Lexus some brushing out since it was such a lovely day this day.  I then gather the laundry off the line and headed back into the house.  Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE spiders ????

Yes this fat creepy thing happened to be outside the front door of the house.  Really have you seen anything so UGLY ????  then there are those huge black ones with really hairy legs that JUMP .... ewwwwww, I hate them, all of them.

The best part today was I took out some time to have a telephone chat with my girlfriend, Colleen, today.  It is her Birthday tomorrow .. *smile*, as also it is Liz's too.  I know I will see Liz this weekend, as her, Paul and the kids will be up, however I am hoping I get to see Colleen at some point too, as we never miss seeing each other on our birthday.

When going to visit Mom I came across something sitting out at the side of the road.  I can not post a photo of it, as I got it for someone who I know reads my blog and do not want them to see it, so it will have to wait until I have gifted it to them for photos.

I have a very very busy day cleaning tomorrow and getting ready for Thanksgiving, with only "a little done with lots more to do!"  I also have to cover for our Crabby Cabbie Wiarton driver, John, tomorrow afternoon so I best get as much as I can done in the morning, as who knows what the afternoon will bring.

YIKES ! I still have to make our bed up fresh.  I best get going or I won't have a bed to sleep in tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. OMIGAWD WOMAN! You must be part tornado because you sure do get whipping around! Love that your mom loves her bear. Adorable! Oh, and we had one of those spiders at our house this summer...ew is right! Isn't Thanksgiving a lot of work? Not as much as Christmas but still... I'm right with ya on the laundry and the cleaning. Are we having fun yet? :)

  2. It'll be a busy weekend for you!

    Hey now, spiders do tend to gorge on mosquitoes, so that makes them good in my book.

  3. Just catching up after awhile. Sorry you've had such migraine and sleep problems, but hope you enjoy Thanksgiving. Enjoy all the news of Wiarton.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Cindy I do hope your headache goes away for the weekend. Love the photos of your Mom. Enjoy. Hug B


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