Monday, 19 August 2013

YIKES ! I Had Better Get a Grip Real Fast.

I finally had a not too bad night's sleep, awaking many times throughout the night, however feeling not too bad until fatigue set back in later this afternoon.

Last night we had quite the excitement going on outside our home.  We had a Police Officer come over after I had Lexus out to ask if we could keep our dogs in as there was a search going on for 4 White Males back on our property.  They did not want our dogs to throw off any scent or cause any distraction.

Not too long after there had been at least 6 or 7 Police vehicles in our driveway, as the Canine/Tactical Unit came up through our back fields.

Those assault rifles are pretty intimating up close when the officer had been talking to us.  The size of the German Shepherd? not a bother to me as that is the size my German Shepherds I had were.

The Unit stopped at the house to ask Rob if anyone stopped by and wanted a Taxi to stall them and call 9-1-1.  Trust, you and me, all our doors were double checked that they were locked last night.

No, we have not heard anything about this incident any further or on the news, nor has anyone else I know of has heard anything either.  I called our local OPP Detachment this morning, and was told the males they had been searching for should most certainly be long gone from our area by now.  I hope so, and also hope we hear something further that will confirm this to be true, via the News Media.

And onto today ....

I usually speak to my Son, Paul, early every morning, since I am up and he is on his way to work in the early hours of the morning also.  This morning he had mentioned he had seen my blog last night, as "surprise" his girlfriend, Liz, had sent me photos of him passed on from Children's Benadryl after an allergic reaction to something.  

Of course after these photos had been posted to my blog yesterday, a photo war has apparently begun with the two of them now.  Not to be "out done", Paul had to send me an unbecoming photo of his Elizabeth.....

... yes, dear Son, I am sure she will Punch you in the arm after seeing this photo you sent me.  To lighten the blow I posted this really nice one of her taken on the weekend of your 30th Birthday on the 6th of July.

Hopefully Paul's arm isn't too bruised by Elizabeth giving it all she has.  She is such a tiny thing, as you can tell beside my Rob on our Motorcycle.  I LOVE they are having fun, my Paul and his Elizabeth. Ha ! to both of them.

Not a very productive day at all at our house today, other then laundry being done, since I returned home from my mini Nova Scotia trip.   I think I managed vacuuming up some dog hair this afternoon, and of course doing some MORE never ending Crabby Cabbie paperwork.

At 9 am our new Crabby Cabbie driver, Jeff, arrived to go out with me today.  Rob and Dear John were down in Saugeen Shores.  First off we headed on down to the Saugeen Gas Bar for me to show him where we fill up our Crabby Cabbie vehicles, then we headed on over to Walmart so he could get himself a Bluetooth Ear Piece for hands free on the Taxi phone.  For obvious Sanitary reasons we require everyone to have their own Bluetooth ear piece.

We got back to Wiarton about 11 am, where Rob picked him up to do a run further up on the Peninsula and to show him some other points where we get calls North of here from time to time.  While they were gone I had 2 calls in town and that was it for my day.

A couple phone calls and a bit more paperwork this afternoon consumed most of my time, other then a small attempt at rest by laying my head back for 10 minutes or so.

Rob had to go back down to Saugeen Shores to collect our Dear John, so Jeff went along with him on that trip too.  It had been nice and quite until all three showed back up again.  Males can be quite the characters, no matter the age.

Once the guys left Rob and I got going on a "light" dinner for us this evening.

Rob got going on "shucking" the sweet corn ....

.... while I admired our tomato plants, Sunflowers and Rhubarb from my perch on our deck.

Honest to goodness I put on 5 lbs while on that mini trip to Nova Scotia and back.  I thought I had better get a grip real fast before there is no turning back and my clothes keep outgrowing ME !!!

Actually both Rob and I enjoyed a huge tasty salad and even tastier fresh sweet corn for our dinner this evening.

Before I sign off and forget ....

The Wiarton & District Optimist Club will be having their annual yard sale again on Saturday August 31st 2013. They would appreciate your help with contributions again this year. If you are cleaning up and clearing out please contact or 519-270-4670 (evenings only) and they will make arrangements for drop off or pick up of your donation items. Baking is also welcome, as there will be another Baking Table set up as well this year.  As always , the proceeds go to local youth projects and activities.

Where to find more about the Wiarton & District Optimist Club?  if you have a Facebook Account just *click* HERE.

You can have a peak at the Wiarton Optimist Club's Yard Sale from last year by *clicking* HERE.

Errors with spelling or grammar .. so sorry, too tired, please forgive myself.  No problem I will. *Smile*

I am tired (always) with Aussies to take out & in for one more time today, and a person needing a taxi still at 9 pm tonight before I myself call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Let's hope the bad guys are locked up tonight.
    Jane x

  2. Yes lets hope ! WOW ! Seeing all that around ones house is a wake up call for sure ! Glad all is ok . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. I too hope the bad guys are locked up. Pop by my blog to read about what happened at dd house.....


  4. Scary! I would have locked myself up with my doggies. Let us know updates today (as I am commenting in the morning)
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. Hi Cindy. Always enjoy reading about your day. Glad this one sounds better than the last few!

  6. I hope you had a better night sleep this time! Scary stuff!


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