Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Where In The Heck Did That Day Go ???

I never got a dang, dang, triple dang thing done around here today.  I haven't even made my bed yet and here it is 7:23, never mind the Dinner dishes still sitting on the counter ... *sigh*.

My poor dear "Crabby Cabbie" Rob was woke up not only once to go out on a call through the night, last night, but two times.  The second time he figured he wouldn't bother coming home and stayed over in Southampton from 5 am until I called him around 6 am or so.

Finally I convinced him to come home, send our "Crabby Cabbie" John to Saugeen Shores, while I looked after Wiarton for him while he had himself some shut-eye.  

This was not to be ... as I had to wake him once to get a quote on a Taxi Fare.  Then he calls me later to tell me my friend, Diana, had seen the front door open and dropped on over to wish me a great trip next week.  Ha ! was quite the commotion with all four dogs going on that nobody in their right mind could sleep through that, so he got up and received her at the door.

Diana asked Rob what was he going to do without me being here next week.  Well he apparently went right into a happy dance for her and starting singing a "Freedom 55" ditty .... OMG !  this was the first time he had ever met Diana and he acted like that ??   Hahaha ... nice to hear I can make my dear hubby so happy by leaving for a few days. (*smile*).

After I had made a couple runs for my man, he took over this afternoon while I went to my friend, Toni with an "i"'s rescue.  The poor dears vehicle died on her, for good this time, and has no way to get to work this week.  No worries with the "fleet" of vehicles we have sitting in our driveway.  We just called the insurance company to add insurance coverage on one for me this week.

I took my Van over to T'oni with an "i"'s home.  She drove me back home after we had made a stop at Walmart to return the bag of Puppy Food I no longer needed.  

On my way to Toni's there is lots of construction still going on Hwy. 6 in-between Hepworth and the other side of Shallow Lake.  If I would have thought I would have went straight thru Hepworth to Hwy. 21 and cut across that way but then ....

.... I would have missed out on Lee Boys Sweet Corn, especially since we haven't had a feed of corn yet this Year.  $6.00 for a Baker's Dozen.

Once I had collected Toni with an "i", we headed back thru Owen Sound to Walmart, a stop for petro, and one more at the No Frill Store as grapes were on sale for .97 cents/lb., and I LOVE me those grapes.

Check out this Lemon Meringue Pie that Toni made for my hubby, knowing it is his favourite.  What's up with that girlfriend, it is MY Van I am lending you, not his ????  Oh man, she would just laugh at me if I said that to her... see the proof of that below !

Could I sit down and relax once I got the Aussies all taken care of and the few groceries away?  Not a chance.  Crabby Cabbie John dropped in to wait for MY Crabby Cabbie Rob to come home.  Once he came home, I got to some Crabby Cabbie paperwork ... then about 6 pm we got serious about making our Dinner.

Oh man those Prime Rib Steaks are "fall apart in your mouth" tender.  The Sweet Corn?  oh my it was tender and sweet.  Dessert? of course Toni's Lemon Meringue Pie.  It was a perfect ending to another fabulous meal.

Here it is 8:04 pm.  It is raining cats and dogs outside, and Buddy and Mercedes still need out and about for the last time this evening.  I think I will be getting myself a bit lot wet shortly.  Oh darn then those Dinner dishes are still there waiting for me, and the bed still needs made before I crawl into it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh gosh, is it time for corn already? That pie looks delish!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  2. Hi Cindy~ I haven't had any corn yet and yours looks delicious:) The Prime Rib Steak looks pretty darn good too~ Lynn

  3. Lemon Meringue Pie is my absolute favourite....after Pavlova maybe!

  4. We're hoping to get some corn from Paula sometime this week.
    I'm just drooling, but can't eat it :(
    There was so much construction traffic on the way down and back to Peterborough yesterday. We really lucked in at one point, got at the tail end of the train being let through. We were just shocked at the length of the line of vehicles heading OUT of cottage country, sitting and waiting for us to pass so they could have their turn.

  5. *reaches through screen, grabs lemon meringue pie...*


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