Saturday, 24 August 2013

Patience Does NOT Always Come Easy

This morning Rob came in at 4 am.  Of course I was wide awake when he came in, but made myself stay in bed until 6:30 am.  When I did get up it was to a beautiful day that has lasted right through.

Aussies looked after, coffee had, then out the door I went to the 9 am pre-booked call I had.  Once I had returned from it I had noticed a few Garage Sales around town so I had stopped.  With no cash on me I had the one lady put the stuff I wanted and asked if she would give me 15 minutes or so to head back home to get it.  Not a problem.

I came home and not only retrieved my money, but Rob too, as he had been up and outside.

I had purchased a small Serving Platter, 8 pasta bowls, 2 hot pads, a Wicker Picnic Basket and a Crock Pot for $33.00.  Rob got 2 brand new sinks (as both our bathroom ones need replacing) for $5.00 each, and this display cabinet with clock for $15.00.  I was pleased with my purchases and he with his.  I was really pleased with the prices of the brand new sinks, but really will they ever get installed?  Hmm ... I wonder.

Back home I had a bite to eat while Rob tried going back to bed for awhile.

About 2 pm a 5th Wheel pulled into our driveway bringing our friends, Doug & Vicki, along with their little Beaner the Weiner Doggie.  It has been quite some time since their last visit.

Bandit & Beaner had a wonderful time playing together.  Bandit really is pretty good with all other dogs (except for our Buddy Boy who wants to rule the roost).

Really they are both really handsome dudes, are they not?

Vicki and I left all the guys to themselves to go downtown Wiarton to take in a couple of the stores.

I was so happy with my find at the Salvation Army Store.  An original China Clown Doll.  Original? you can tell by the "tear" on its cheek.  This is the 2nd original I have been able to find and purchase.

We were all pretty tired by the time Vicki and I had our mini shopping excursion, and decided to go back downtown to all have dinner at the Green Door Cafe.

When I got back home I took my memory card out from my camera to load the photos onto my laptop.  It took me over 1/2 hour to do this as the Memory Card apparently must be worn out from over usage (really can you imagine why?).  Yes patience does NOT always come easy, however I persevered and managed to get them somehow to load.  Needless to say THAT Memory Card did not go back into my camera.

For some reason, after only a Year, I am beginning to think my Camera is starting to wear out as well.  Geez whiz I sure wish they would make things to last like they used to, especially for the price we pay for everything now a days.

I have also been doing some "googling" on the SMART Crock Pot I purchased today, and must say the findings have not been at all favourable.  Most say the temps are way out of whack with them never being used again.  I suppose I will tell tomorrow as it will be put to use then.  Wish me luck.

Enough "venting" for now, as I need to get my Aussies out and about for the last time this evening, and get myself to bed and some sleep tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy~ I absolutely love all of your great finds:) I do wish we lived closer to each other because I think together we would be a force to be reckoned with!!! Lynn
    PS.....If you ever are in need of any more sinks I still have 2 (about 5 yrs old by now) my hubby has yet to install:)

  2. I love Little Beaner he is such a cutie.


  3. The sinks will be fitted when you get the generator out of the box.
    Jane x

  4. Great haul today for you!! I am afraid my camera too is on its last leg, durn

  5. Hello stranger! Great to see you have a page on Facebook, I've been away too long :-) Agree about cameras, we're on our third in about 6 years, and for the price of them, it really isn't good enough x

  6. I hope you have better luck with the Crock Pot than some of those you read about.
    Love the little dog.
    I can't imagine how you could have worn out a memory card. :)

  7. I love Beaner the Wiener! I am having camera problems, too, they JUST DON'T LAST!

  8. Nice finds! And a deal on sinks is absolutely amazing! It looks like a fancy crockpot, hopefully it works properly for you.

  9. Awww, Beaner's a cute dog. And so small next to Bandit.


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