Saturday, 31 August 2013

Oops ! Messed Those Up.

I was tired last night after all that slaving over a hot oven making those way too yummy Peanut Butter Cookies (*smile*)   I heard Rob come in sometime through the wee hours of the morning.  Before I knew it there was somewhat of a grey light outside my window.  Checking the clock it was 6 am, time to get up.

I had packaged up the cookies for delivery before I made my usual Saturday morning "Crabby Cabbie" run.  After stopping in with a package of cookies for my friend, I stopped off the rest to the Wiarton District Optimist Club's Yard Sale downtown Wiarton.

8:30 am with lots of setting up still going on.  I never got back down there until around Lunch time to find the crowds had increased.  I really hope they did well since they do so much for the Youth in the Community.

Could anyone imagine me going to a "yard sale" and walking away from it empty handed?  I think not.  With Mom's Birthday coming up, I found a few things (that belonged to my friend, Lynn) that she is just going to absolutely LOVE !!!  As everyone knows when one resides in a Nursing Home their needs are limited, but I do know what my Mom loves and was grateful to be there early to make such a great find for her.

The last Saturday of every month the Wiarton Salvation Army's Thrift Store has a $4.00 Bag Sale. You fill a bag of clothing for $4.00, with every thing else in the store 1/2 price.  Since I was so close I also had to go over there to give them my support as well.

I got 4 blouses for Mom, one blouse and 2 pair of  jeans for myself.  All for $4.00, can you believe that !!!  The nose ? that is absolutely "priceless" is it not?

Rob had gone out on a call while I had been downtown, so he didn't get back home until late afternoon around 3'ish.  He had himself a much needed "snooze" until I called him for Dinner.

Rosemary-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with a side of Garden Fresh Yellow Beans & Beets.  Rob really enjoys when I do the Pork Tenderloin like this ... so tender and moist.


What did I possible mess up today? well see those Garden Fresh Yellow Beans on my plate? they look really good, right? well they would have tasted much better if they would have been cooked.  Yes, I am very tired, yes I did not barely have the beans on long enough for them to be cooked.  Did my husband complain? not once.  We will try again tomorrow night, as there is the 2nd Pork Tenderloin leftover for then that some Garden Fresh Yellow Beans would be nice cooked up to serve alongside it.

Rob was commented why we both are feeling tired all the time.  Me?  I think most of mine is from not ever sleeping fitful enough each night due to the Chronic Pain.  Rob? he works too much and needs a week of solid sleep I am sure.  Are we happy? for the most part, yes I believe we are.  Would I like changes? of course I would but that might all fall into place some day for us, in the meantime we are fed, warm and safe with some great family and a few really good friends, so what more can one ask for? I would think not too much more then that.

I am tired, as I am rambling ...

I had a very nice compliment from another local Business Owner this morning.  They had been telling someone how fair I was with promoting everyone in the Community and not picking or choosing the same ones, but trying to support everyone.  I believe in supporting the Communities we work and live in, and if I can do that by giving them a SHOUT OUT whenever I am able, then that is what I do.  The compliment? I was flattered.

Speaking of SHOUT OUTS, the Wiarton District Optimist Club is seeking Volunteers, so please contact them should you be interested.  Also The Wiarton Salvation Army Thrift Store is in great need of Clothing Item donations.  Donations can be made any day at the rear of the Berford Street Store.

Oops almost forgot about the Puppy update phone call I received today.  Oliver from the Everything 8 Litter, puppy belonging to Mercedes and Buddy, had his last Vet Visit this Year.  Need a "cuteness fix"? just *click* HERE.

Okay that is about it for my day today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I just love shopping local as well, and good deals you got to boot. Oh that sweet nose melts my heart

  2. Did you really find that nose in Salvation Army?? :) It looks priceless to me too :)


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